11 Reasons Why 2016 Was AMAZING (For Me & You)

2016 has been a wild ride for me, full of ups and downs, hot dates, and even hotter messes! In efforts to stay positive and bright on Christmas Eve here are eleven events that happened in 2016 that make this year amazing!


I started THIS blog. YAAAAAS!  For real For real! I started this blog in February of this year and it's been insane. The support I have and all the new folks I've met because of these ol' tricky vibes! GUUURL! Being surrounded by empowered women is nothing short of incredible. Thank you to all of the bloggers, fashionistas, and small business owners who took a risk and worked with little old me!

I traveled out of the country for the first time! I won a trip to Aruba at Six Flags and had the luxury of seeing a whole new world packed with cliff-diving, beach running, and foods I cannot pronounce!. Read about my little mermaid experience here. 

UM ...HARRY POTTER WORLD at Universal Studios. Those 3D rides had me SHOOK! Diagon Alley! Butter Beer! Way better than Disney ( I mean I haven't gone to Disney but if I did one day I would probably still say the same thing). YES I SAID IT! Don't kill me. 

I made a TON of new friends. I can't name all of y'all- but you know who you are! My social calendar was poppin (especially in TX) and I won't forget our Steak Nights, Happy Hour dates with the many faces of Regulators, my SororZ in Austin, Crossfit family, the DSC family, and every new acquaintance in the Oregon District. LOL.

I saw my man Kanye West in Columbus at THE Ohio State. Yes, he's still crazy but the concert was insane. It (almost) humanized him. He was dangling his feet above the crowd and I could almost touch him! Read about Yeezy Yeezy Yeezy here.

I was on TV! WHAT?!? Again, my blog took me somewhere I never expected! I made my daytime television debut in San Antonio chatting curly hurr products (Thanks Design Essentials) which snowballed into countless other opportunities. I cannot WAIT to see what's next! Read about my TV experience here! 

I participated in the Crossfit Open. NO, I obviously didn't go to the Crossfit games LOL.To some people that may not be a "thing" but when I started at my gym I could barely lift the bar. It's wasn't THAT long ago- so thank GAWD for progress,...and foam rolling! Crossfit journey here!

We moved to Dayton, Ohio! My wife is getting a fancy Masters degree so we had to go!  I was salty at first because my love for Texas is very real ( Beyonce voice "TEXAAAS BAAAMMAAAAA!!!")  but Dayton is growing on me. I've met some awesome people and it's only been a few months ;) 

I saw Dave Chappelle and was just a few yards away from him....and John Legend. Dave's Chappelle's Juke Joint was the musical experience of a lifetime. I got so excited went John Legend popped up on stage I ran into Tarah who then wasted a drink..... on Naomi Campbell. We paid her $20 because she was visibly pissed! SORRY BOO! 

I went to Mardi Gras....again. If you never do ANYTHING else in yo' life go to Mardi Gras or at least go to New Orleans around Halloween. Experiencing Bourbon St and the Mississippi Coast Parades were priceless. Read more about those shenanigans here.

 Last, but not least-YOU! You stumbled upon this page, and my blog! Maybe this is  your first time being here (if so HEEEYYY boo!) If not THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ROCKIN WITH ME! It means the world! I could cry! I am so thankful for each and every person who reads the foolishness I put on the internet. HOW SWAY?! In the comments below tell what you would like to see from me for next year OR something amazing that happened this year worth celebrating!  I always comment back :)

If you haven't seen me finish DARE #1 of Eating Dog Treats then visit my FB page, like my FB Page here, and watch it for a hearty laugh. 

Coat by Fashion Drug, Scarf from Target, Jeans from Rue 21, Boots from Rue 21, Sweater from Old Navy, Button Up from Old Navy

Coat by Fashion Drug, Scarf from Target, Jeans from Rue 21, Boots from Rue 21, Sweater from Old Navy, Button Up from Old Navy


Happy Holidays to you and your family. See you in the New Year!