Doing October Favorites the RIGHT Way

Last weekend I almost touched Kanye West. BREATHE. Just breathe.  Now that the Ultralight Beams have Faded (HA! You see what I did there???!!) I am back this week with a few of my favorite things for the month of October. Here we go!

Saint Pablo Tour Merch!- I promise I will stop talking about Kanye West…as soon as he stops being an amazing performer. I had to find a creative way to show you these concert photos of The Saint Pablo Tour. Im sure he is not the first one to float above his audience BUT TO FLOAT ON AN ENTIRE STAGE SOLO FOR LIKE 3 HOURS ON A MOVING STAGE?!?! I’m done. Here, Kanye West- just take ALL my little coins. I expected him to have opening acts, a few breaks, long monologues but NONE of that happened. He say “Hey, thanks for coming to my show!” then RAGED for hours.

No band on stage, no over-the-top pyrotechnics, just lights and a moving stage that tilted back and forth over the general admission crowd. The tilt was REAL serious because he was only a few feet over the crowd and for a moment in time it was like you could almost touch him (like if I threw my phone I would have hit him.) He even pushed the boundaries and sat on the edge of the stage and was literally a few feet above us. His performance, by far, was one of the coolest (and interactive) I have ever seen.

Choker- I know I have been anti about the chokers- but they are growing on me again (because for the rest of us born in the 90’s we know those stringy circle chokers used to be for an entirely different crowd….and that was not my crowd.) Since Kylie made it trendy again I snagged this choker lariat from Charlotte Russe and it instantly made a plain white tee and jeans look put togetha! Check it out similar here.

Bomber Jacket- It's Fall 2016. It’s a season requirement, so just go ahead and buy one. You will find yourself wearing it more than you expect. I purchased this one from H&M and opted for this olive/brown color to move away from plain black. For some reason it just ‘felt’ more fancy…and y’all know I think I’m fancy every blue moon! *Hillary Clinton Shoulder Wiggle* I also replaced my ol’ busted wallet phone case with this snakey-snake case from H&M as well.  I can't post Instagram pictures if I scratching up fingers with that dusty a** case. My case had ONE JOB and it was failing. ONE JOB!

KODA NIVOLI Purse- Thanks to the suede detail my favorite purse just keeps on giving! At the sixth/eighth month mark I am always expecting the gold detailing to start peeling or tarnishing, but not KODA NIVOLI. All of the gold- even the feet-are still intact. Read more on my review and use my promo code to make a lifetime purchase.

CeeCee’s Closet Headwrap- Since its Fall AF outside here in Ohio my headwrap will be making several appearances. IN this case it’s a great background (and yall know I love a good background.)  If you’re ready to prominently display that you’re WOKE CeeCee’s Closet has African print EVERYTHING. I rocked this a few weeks ago and wrote about how to wrap it quick for those of who are not seasoned wrappers. Lol . Click to see the review here.

Himalayan Salt Lamp- GURL.  This pink rock is heavy as ever, but I cannot wait to reap the benefits! Himalayan Salt Lamps are used for a number of things (deodorize the air, reduce allergens, better sleep,  neutralize electromagnetic radiation from electronics, reduce static electricity in the air, blah blah blah other hippy science stuff), however I am excited really because it will be an amazing decoration for a new reading nook in my HOUSE! I am mid-way through decorating and I am planning to do a “tour de casa” for you guys when everything is ready. It will be complete with fluffy pillows, wall-hangs, and overwhelming coziness.

Pete’s Paleo Food- Yes, random, I know! Pete’s Paleo made its introduction into our home via Tarah (because my wifely cooking skills are limited :) but I was shocked to find out they are DELICIOUS! OMG. Im not on a Paleo diet consistently BUT IF I WAS my fridge would be packed like a mofo with Pete’sBRUUUH. If you are someone that is focused on a healthy lifestyle that pairs with high-intensity workouts/weightlifting then Pete’s is gold. The website takes you through how the company pairs with local farmers for veggies and go pet the cows and chickens before they cook’em up right! The food is free of preservatives, gluten, dairy, sugar, soy- basically anything yucky.  Pete’s is also prepared by some actual chefs so it taste kitchen fresh- even when you re-heat it in the microwave. Five solid stars from me. Click here to read and order some.

KANYE!!!!!!! Ok, last one!

KANYE!!!!!!! Ok, last one!

See you guys next week with a fun outfit post… and maybe even a collaboration :)

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