Truth or #DareMe Challenge

Anyone who knows me personally knows that I am pretty bold and a little crazy sometimes...So this week I am challenging YOU to give me a "Dare" to do. YUUP, just like grade school.

Comment on THIS post below with your DARE and I will pick the TOP TWO to complete this week! Nothing perverted or illegal. Everything else is fair game! I will take photos or video as proof and post (if possible) so SUBSCRIBE and leave your social media handles so I can tag you as the winner. I can't wait to see what y'all come up with, and I'm a little nervous too! MAY THE ODDS BE FOREVER IN MY FAVOR! LOL

I'm not much of a sneakerhead, but I'm living on the edge this week! It's a THEME! After watching the Sneakerheadz documentary on Netflix I realized that I know absolutely nothing about sneaker culture! That's a whole new world I am not fit to face! I did not understand why my hunny was on the laptop, the iPad, AND her phone trying to get a pair of Jordan's or get a lottery ticket for whatever shoes. LAWD I just did not know it was that intense. Thank you Netflix for the enlightenment! *praise hands emoji*

Anyways- THE OUTFIT! I tried my best with this outfit y'all. I haven't gone into Adidas overload yet but I'm getting there! ADIDAS has been killin' it lately in the athleisure game so I may need to snag a few more thaaangs. I paired these joggers from Zumiez with my Maxxinista sweater, and Moto jacket for the most comfortable outfit I've worn in a very long time. Even though my ankles were a little ashy I made it through the day #unbothered. LOL. *hair flip*

Moto Jacket: JcPenny

Joggers: Zumiez

Sweater: TJ Maxxxxxxxxxx LOL

Sneakers: Adidas NMD

Good luck with you DARE ideas! Comment below and I will see you next week with deets on how the DARE's turned out!