Fall LookBook: Keeping it Cute When It Gets COLD!

Tina and Alisha here! It’s November, the month when we start looking for the weather to cool WAY down (Or at least WE do!) When September 22nd comes around our blood type becomes pumpkin spice and we start our search for fur boots and leather jackets. *Sings* "Apple bottom jeeaaans (JEANS!), boots with the FUUURRR!" 

If you live in the midwest like we do, it may be difficult to find the right look since the weather has a mind of its own.  (I’ve been caught in 80 degree weather in the middle of October with a cardigan on-And no I was not willing to give it up).  So it’s important to find the right look that heavy enough to keep you warm but won't leave you feeling too winter-ready. #HotSweatyMess

Whether your blood-type is pumpkin spice or you’re not quite ready to let go of the summer months, we’ve got you covered.  Alisha Cotton from Tricky Vibes and Tina Barnes from #PrettyOnMe are teaming up to make it easier to choose your fall outfit.

TINA: Fall Outfit- Cute and Casual: Fall is the perfect time for casual wear. I’m not much of a formal girl, and sometimes I  find that a little bit of my tomboy side wants to head over to the dark side, but over the years I’ve found a way to make the tomboy and the girl in me happy. Pairing the perfect jeans with the right sweater is always the way to go.  With pairs like these, you don’t need to worry so much about being winter heavy in the Fall.

Sweaters, Leggings and Knee Highs-Oh my! Adding a pair of knee highs with a sweater dress and is a must.  It also never hurts to add some booties to the mix.  My favorite go-to booties are my black Suede and Leather “Dalia’s” from ShoeDazzle.com.  I’m mixing this with my leather leggings (with fleece on the inside) so my fall outfit is both practical and sexy.


Thigh highs are also a way to go in the fall months.  Over-the-knee boots create a clean, look from your thigh down to the floor. Knee high boots have a less-exaggerated effect but will still create the elongated leg look.

Alisha: Meanwhile, in Dayton.....LOL, I am just whippin' out the sweater bin! Im not too saddity to admit that I have a massive BIN of Winter clothes that I have to dig through every season so I can pull my LIFE together. For this casual outfit I chose a sweater and booties because it is the quickest and easiest way to get out the door in the morning. I threw on my trusty Brahmin purse and I am DONE!

What outfits keep you cute in the cold?! What winter pieces are staples for you every season? comment below!