My Top 10 Beauty Secrets That Will Keep You Up At Night

CONFESSION- I totally hold back when it comes to giving out the deets for MY beauty secrets. I know, I know, call me Petty LaBelle; but I am selfish sometimes, ok?!?! THIS WEEK THO- I decided to put a few of my favorites out there for your unlimited use. LOL I broke it all the way down with tips on face, skin, hair, and BAWDY! 

And Yes the outfit has nothing to do with the post, but I threw it in there anyway! As Sheree would say "Who Gon' Check Me, Boo?"     

And Yes the outfit has nothing to do with the post, but I threw it in there anyway! As Sheree would say "Who Gon' Check Me, Boo?"



When it comes to make-up I am very lazy! I can’t get with all the highlighting and contouring (I will learn eventually, but not today LAWD). So in the morning I always:

1) Mix one part foundation to one part moisturizer and apply like lotion right after washing my face. Ok, ok, it’s basically homemade BB Cream, but being able to customize moisture to coverage ratio is irreplaceable. Why waste money on BB Cream when you can do it yourself and mix more than one foundation color? I’M JUST SAYIN. Its super fast in the morning and you can set it with powder or leave it as-is for a dewy finish. #Eggface2017

2) I do NOT get my eyebrows waxed. I get my eyebrows threaded. For those of you that don’t know- eyebrow threading is done with a piece of sewing thread and lots of talent in the threading salon. An eyebrow technician basically takes the string, twists it up in some wizardly way, and pulls it across your skin- simultaneously plucking hair from your eyebrows. Sounds scary but I absolutely LOVE having this done! Unlike waxing, threading is much more precise and the technician is able to make your eyebrows 10x more symmetrical. Price point is usually $12.00-$15.00 and lasts longer than waxing. CAUTION: Some people have sensitive skin so this may irritate their skin; but if you are used to plucking your eyebrows on your own, then this shouldn’t be an issue. My best advice is to go to the oldest technician in the threading salon, and bring a solid picture.

3) I put Witch Hazel on ERRTHANG! Witch Hazel is a natural astringent that sanitizes, softens, and restores all types of fun stuff. It’s like a ‘toner’ that’s safe for your whole body and face. It also naturally ph balances your skin and hair, but it’s tough enough to sterilize your razor. It’s usually $5.00 at any drugstore, but It will be the best $5.00 you’ve every spent. Witch Hazel takes care of odd odors on your skin (ahem, underarms), nasty pimples, razor bumps, #YouNameIt!


4) I henna my hair all day, err day. I order all-natural henna online and every month I do a FULL henna treatment on my hair. For information about how to do henna treatments and the health benefits, you can go here or do your own research. Long story short I mix up the magic, wrap my hair in plastic wrap, and leave it on for 6 hours OR bake it overnight. I rinse and detangle in the morning and the difference you feel in the manageability of your hair is immediate. Deep condition afterwards and the benefits are amazing. It makes my hair SUPER easy to detangle, strong, and adds a tint of color.  And yes, there are color options and it is suitable for ALL hair types. #keepyouredges

CAUTION- Henna is a permanent decision for hair color unless you cut off your henna'd hair. Once you henna your hair you CANNOT (should not) dye over henna with chemicals. If your hair is already dyed then it will strengthen your hair and enhance the colors.

5) I keep my hair in protective styles (braids, weaves, twists, etc) all the time, but here’s the trick! In order to keep my hair clean and moisturized I used STEAM. There are steam machines for your hair but I use an old face steamer(mega old, like circa 2000) and I steam my hair. So if your braids/twists are too tight on the first few days simply steam your hair and spritz on Witch hazel.  It’s very safe for natural hair (again, a hair softener) and can be mixed with any oil and leave-in conditioner.

6) Hair, skin, and nail pills need to be your new best friend. ANY pill that promotes healthy skin and nails is a win, but make sure to do some research on the best ones out there. The current pill that I am using is Hairfinity and it has pro’s and con’s- but mostly pro’s. Hairfinity makes my hair grow at an alarming rate and I am very happy with the results (even after my inconsistent use). Just remember that Hairfinity works EVERYWHERE, so you will be shaving and “Nair”ing all your places and bits! Also if you do not drink enough water, you may have breakouts. Nothing insane, but noticeable. You thirsty anyway soooo drink watahh girl!

7) To curl a synthetic wig or synthetic clip in extensions mix 1 part fabric softener to 2 parts water. Mist hair and then curl and hold on medium heat until the hair is dry on the barrel. Slowly unravel hair from barrel. Allow curl to cool and it will stay curled. If it falls flat your iron is too hot. Remember that synthetic hair is just like our clothing -a unique blend of fibers! You're Welcome.


8) I go to the gym 3x a week no matter what. There’s no shortcut for health. Sorry!

9) To lose the bloat and feel energized I detox frequently, roughly once a month. There are a bagillion Instagram thots posing with detox teas. Hashtag search it! If you don’t trust the internet you can find Yogi Tea Detox flavor in most grocery stores and it’s the one I use the most. It’s a spicy, pepper-ish, lemongrass flavor so if that’s not your thing then try Flat Tummy Tea. I’ve heard good things about them. Detox teas are easy to incorporate into your diet. My advice is NOT to go to the gym on a detox day. Detox on a rest day. Trust me on that. You’ll be unusually tired and maaaaaybe a frequent visitor in the restroom. Don’t embarrass yourself. I can’t save you from the detox poops.

10) Take a bath in Epsom Salt. Athletes and couch-dwellers alike need to know the joys of an Epsom salt. For me it takes care of my muscle soreness and I feel like a whole new person.


What tips do you SWEAR need to added to the list?! Have questions?! Comment below and subscribe!


See y’all next week!