Happy Super Bowl & Happy Mardi Gras

Happy Super Bowl & Happy Mardi Gras


The best part about taking pictures in random city spaces is meeting the locals! On this day I met a gentleman named "Charles"-who didn't want his picture taken. He expressed that when he wasn't in jail he was making art just like this graffiti piece. I told Charles to follow his dreams and to never let his criminal past stifle his creative process!
OUTFIT- High low tops have been trending for about a year now but the hems have changed from a curved hem (or almost a dang cape-which I can't wear to work) to a modest split, soooo here we are. I chose a black and white sweater to make it a more versatile piece in my closet. It's way easier to work with neutral piece with an interesting texture than a colorful piece that may go out of style quickly, I'm #justsayin. I like pairing jeans and pumps because it's a quick and clean look and it makes me feel like Beyoncé . That's ALWAYS the goal *hair flip.*  I bought these ripped jeans from Charlotte Russe for about twenty-five dollars and they actually are a decent quality and fit. I always tell my friends to look for jeans with a fixed waist fitted inward so you won't have gaps when you wear a belt.The clutch doubles as a small handbag with a removable strap and has a neat suede detail. And y'all know I'm a cheapskate so I snagged this from F21 for about ten bucks guilt-free. HAPPY Super Bowl and Happy Mardi Gras.

Jeans:Charlotte Russe

Sweater:Old Navy

Pumps: Target ( for the LOW-LOW $15.00!)

Clutch/Shoulder Bag: Forever 21

Bracelet: Guess