7 Fabulous Items You NEED for March

If the shoe fits- buy an outfit to go with it! This week I am bringing you ALL of my favorites for the month.

Shoes- Rue 21

I was looking for a casual sandal that says “ I got my life together, but I’m still a little ratchet.” And there I was at Rue 21. I know, I know, Rue 21 is for teeny-boppers, BUT they have great and affordably priced trendy pieces.  These shoes are incredibly comfortable and now that sturdy heels are trending again they are my new wardrobe staple.

Dress- Sarah and Jessie

Just when you thought you knew all about black dresses, Sarah and Jessie come out of nowhere with the snatched waist! YASSS.  This dress was sent to my by the lovely ladies over at Sarah and Jessie and they are killin’ it in the Carolinas with their chic and confident clothing. What I love about this company is the start-up story. Its not often that you hear about how family ties in with business, or even the STRUGGLE of becoming an entrepreneur.  If you want to look and dress #likeagirlBoss, head over to their site here,  buy stylish things, and subscribe to their email list. You will not be disappointed. The dress shown is the Hold Me Tight Dress and next week I will be giving you a naaaasssty cold shoulder with this piece. Stay Tuned.

Make-up Powder- MAC Studio Careblend Pressed (Dark)

I wanted to take a picture of the inside, but I didn’t want to be ghetto and show you that I’m SCRAPPIN the bottom. LOL. MAC is new to me, because I am the biggest advocate for Bare Minerals and did notstart wearing MAC until the past few months. The Studio Carefree blend is one of the lighter versions of the pressed powders- but its still MAC- so a little goes a long way (including staining your sheets if you "forget" to wash your face after a long night of drinking water*.) I actually wind up using this as a concealer for the Chanel bags under my eyes. It also works well with most primers, unlike Bare Minerals- which only works with Bare Minerals primers. Just sayin.

Book- Rice By Nikki Finney

Yes I read books! Nikki Finney is one of my favorite writers and this poetry collection is amazing. I’m only halfway through and every piece just shakes me up. I think because it so close to home (she is from Carolina too) and really touches on every subject you could ponder. I met her in real life at USC during her book signing of Head Off and Split and she is an amazing speaker as well. When I finish my book I'll send her a copy. LOL

Mascara- Mary Kay Lash Love Wateproof Mascara

I wear waterproof mascara EVERY SINGLE DAY. Why? Because my face is so oily regular mascara comes off after a few hours but waterproof stays on even when I work up a sweat at the gym after work. I have tried a number of waterproof mascaras but most of the time one DROP of sweat gets close to that lash and BAM there is like a chemical surge in my eyeball and it stings so bad, my contacts disappear, I drive off a cliff,  student loans start calling. CHAOS. Not this one tho! This gets the job done, and STICKS! You really have to take makeup remover and oils to get it off. Love it. Get some Mary Kay from my fam-> HERE.

Perfume- Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent

GURL- I get a whiff from my wrist every now and then and I start feelin’ myself,  OK?! I’ve always loved Gucci Guilty and Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture- but YSL is for the grown woman. This is that money-in-the-bank-smell!  I found her at Ulta and just wanted to try it for a little while, hence the bottle, but I will be purchasing the full-size shortly. You know how you walk into Ulta for ONE thing and leave with everything? Story of my life.

Accessories- Michael Kors

The trick to always taking your outfit to the next level during the casual days is having QUALITY accessories. The heavier the better These bracelets go with everything (Thanks hunny!) They don’t even have to be MK, Guess also has decent quality bracelets that work for the long haul. What matters is that they don’t turn green after a sweaty day! For this set I mix and match them depending on the outfit and since black and gold is my favorite color combo I wear them almost every day.

Have you tried any of these products? What are some of your March Favorites? Comment below!