How to Face Your Fears (With Your Tummy Out)

To face your fears all you need is a crop top, a spark of inspiration, and maaaaybe a beer- OH and coconut oil! That ish solves problems for everybody!

My blog has been up and running for 1 SOLID month. How crazy, right? And in that time I have learned a great deal about myself and had to face a number of mental roadblocks that I'm sure we all go through! Maybe you started a new job, maybe you're in a new relationship (situationship), or maybe you are exactly where you need to be and nothing is changing. We spend so much time looking at all the things that ARE NOT going we forget what is already here. Half of the battle of facing your fears is knowing exactly where you came from. There should always be some apprehension about trying new things ,but don't get so stuck in comfort that you forget to be spontaneous. THIS is my blogging struggle. I have been so worried about saying something wrong, or offending someone, or one of my clients finding this and bringing it to court (yes, it gets real sometimes) that I have been stifling myself out of my own website. HOW RIDICULOUS, right? My hunny told me the other day that my blog is an "inspired" version of me, and not the real deal. And GURL I WAS SO SALTY her non-blog-reading-ass said that! S-Ok, S-Ok! I kept my wig on, and no elbows were thrown, however, it really made me put things into perspective!

Since entering this 'blogging world' I have been comparing my stuff to everyone else's stuff and I lost focus on what my goal was for blogging in the first place! Writing and publishing a collection of poetry! And fashion rants in-between! And whatever the eff I feel like putting in cyberspace. Instead I've been sitting here like "dang, her photos are nicer than mine" or "how do they even have time to post everyday, like WTF?" I have been so wack at reaching my own goals-so how about you and I REFOCUS??!. To face your fears you have to pick a real date to meet your goal then work backwards and don't change the date no matter what. Jump right into things, even if its scary and be in the moment when you are there. Tell yourself positive things and positive things will happen. And then get a beer- because you deserve one. BOOM!

Outfit Deets:

Jacket: Rue 21

Crop Top: Charlotte Russe (cuz I basically live there)

Jeggings: Refuge

Boots: Guess from TJ MAXX

What fears are you facing this week? Comment below and share!

PS. Since I'm trying to get my life together and all- I am writing a poetry collection and it will be available August 1, 2016 somewhere around this ol' site! LOL Stay Tuned!