The Art of "Adulting" And How to Make It Happen

Adulting is Hard. We've all seen the memes.  Once you hit your mid-twenties (and beyond) it seems like responsibility, financial goals, and building a life that you love becomes TOP priority. The art of "adulting" is a refined craft and I am JUST NOW getting into the swing of things. In an effort to make life a little easier I am giving you a #grownwomen outfit (courtesy of Sarah and Jessie) and tips that work for me. Here we go!


1. Never hesitate.

One of my favorite English teachers gave me a piece of advice that I will always remember- "Never hesitate, attack!" She made me jump into whatever I was doing and it reminds me to not overthink it or force it-whatever it is! You will never feel 100% ready for anything- so just take the leap.  I also talk about ideas with my friends after I have already made a decision. I'm really hardheaded but that's what works for me. I usually don't go back-and-forth for too long about anything. I just make a decision and start planning. I'm sure this is a character flaw buuut it's my life. I have failed at many many many things- and I have learned to be perfectly ok with that.

2. Commit wholeheartedly and don't quit.

Nothing bugs me more than meeting someone who never follows through. Being flaky may be socially acceptable but it's not cute. Most people who know me personally know that once I have made up my mind about something I am 100% committed to that and I will be committed to that until I achieve whatever goal I set. No matter how hard it is, no matter how dumb it appears to be, and no matter how stressful it becomes I don't quit. I know I'm stubborn (and a little bit crazy) but because of my attitude I have far more successes than I could have predicted. Tootin my own horn- but '#@$^- Nobody should care about your success more than you soooo *hair flip* get into this #BossLife, ok!

3. Give new experiences a year.

For every new endeavor I want to try I don't just sample and decide. (Again,crazy) NO- I go all the way in! My belief is that if you want the full experience of a new hobby, a new group, or a new lifestyle you have to give things the time they deserve. I had to learn how to enjoy being a beginner and working through the process.  GROW through the process. Open your mind up to new possibilities. You can't reach enlightenment in five minutes. You have the time so give it to new experiences. Just being real.

4. Lead by example.

This one is a no-brainer, but during my short term adulting I learned that you can be a leader within a group, workplace, or organization without any title. Stand out by having a positive attitude and being an excellent teammate. You won't always be at the front of the pack. You may not have the office with the window (yet), but every day you can make a difference with your attitude, how you influence others, how you motivate the people around you. You make thousands of first impressions and while someone may forget your name no one forgets how you made them feel.

5. Know your strengths.

How many times have you been asked what your strengths are?!! I feel like I've been asked this question 1 million times for job interviews and team building exercises.  I have a very firm answer that surprises people and it makes them remember exactly who I am. Create an elevator speech for yourself and change your speech as you change your life. Rehearse your answer in your mind and I PROMISE it will make all the difference.

6. Fake it 'til you make it

I'm pretty sure Oprah said that to me when I was on her couch once in a dream -but it's true! When I don't know something I still have an answer. When I am completely Iost I still walk with purpose. When I feel sick I still get extra glamorous for work ( I can't let 'coffee-breath Carol' see me sweat.) IT'S 2016- PERCEPTION IS REALITY. Look like you have it together even when you don't. Appearance is half of the battle. I know Instagram is always telling you to throw your hair up "effortlessly" but don't max out your messy bun card. Iron your pants. Pay your student loans so your phone isn't blowing up during the staff meeting. We all gotta take steps in the right direction so put your best pumps forward. Confident and Competent.

And that it! What tidbits have you learned from adulting? Comment or @ me!


Dress: Sarah and Jessie here
Shoes:Target for the low
Arm Party: MK for the not so low, but worth it.
Purse: Brahmin