The Crop Top Formula & How Internet Kills Your Dreams

Girl! It's 2016! If you don't have a crop top I'm gonna to need for you to go back under that rock, go online, and order one. From racer back to strappy sweater, crop tops are everywhere and it's up to you to take the leap and let your mid-drift make its way into the sunlight! Summer is coming!

Y'all know I am not a fashion expert by any means BUT I have noticed is that for crop tops to work your outfit has to have a very specific balance. So- here's the formula- If your top is loose then the bottom has to be tight. If a crop top is tight then the bottom has to be loose. And if the crop top is not too tight but not too loose the bottom has to be fitted the same.  Take a gander at this ensemble I threw on, k? LOLOLOL

Don't let the Internet steal your dreams. Compare yourself to people who look like you and are shaped like you! Get inspiration from all around, but focus on people who have a similar body type and style. THEY don't know your struggle, so they can't feel your hustle! If you are on the more curvaceous side these matching crop top outfits are #killing it with the loose crop top and high waist trend.  If your going for a more conservative look throw on a sleeveless trench or a trusty blazer (I know you have at least three girl, don't lie!) And there you have it!

I must say for the better part of my life I was very anti-middrift and WAY prude about my tummy out or anyone's tummy out. As you can see times have CHANGED (praising hands emoji), AMEN?! My homegirl Charlotte Russe helped me with this look so me and my faded tattoos are out here taking on the world! I paired this crop top with this Grecian inspired skirt. Givin' you a little leg and whole lotta #life - *Insert  Porsha Stewart Voice* "I'm about to give you LIFE so stay outta my way!" To accessorize I added some crystals that I mined with my bare hands from Charlotte Russe's closet as well, chunky heels to go- aaaaaaand I'm OUT.

Outfit: Charlotte Russe Errthang

Shoes: Rue 21

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