Defining Your Style: New York to Texas!

"B$&@H, I'm BACK! By Popular Demand!" Hey y'all! I had to take week off to celebrate my anniversary....yess girl, a whole week! 

 So today WE are bringing you some down south style mixed with some east coast edge by beautiful mommy blogger Juanita of the NYC blog I AM MY OWN STYLE and yours truly. Hey girl hey! I asked Juanita to serve us some New York Realness! Lemme get in her business!

 Juanita, what is your style? 

"I believe my style is undefined. I can give you sheek chic, tomboy chic, conservative chic or Bohemian. My style varies according to my mood. I wouldn't put my style in a box, so to ask me to define my style is impossible. I'd just say IAmMyOwn... Style."

 "Well, NYC is my birth place. NYC is full of different ethnicities and style. It's a huge melting pot of differences that come together as one. The city is a place that people from all over the world come and they bring their own style. I am inspired by its uniqueness in creativity and Culture. I'm a NYC native and NEW York Inspired."

 What advice would you give to someone finding their style?

"Just be yourself. Your style isn't only about how you look but mainly how you feel. If you look good you feel good, if you feel good you look good. Be confident in yourself then you can be confident in YOUR style."

My homegirl and I are on the same page when it comes to defining your look. Take pride in yourself and your body and you will ALWAYS stand out from the crowd.

Meanwhile, below the Mason-Dixon, I am keeping it casual and dressing up these jeans with ALLLL the FIXINGS.  I paired these ripped jeans with my "Good Vibes Only" shirt from Curated Vibes to give you just a pinch of #slayage. Here in the South we move a little slower and kick back a lot harder! Wearing a t-shirt or casual t-shirt dress pair perfectly with our blazin' hot Summer......and Spring! Southern style is all about the marriage of trendy and comfortable clothes that can withstand heavy humidity while still cute! 

 To dress up my look a lil' bit I added this minimalist sandal (a STEAL from Rack Room Shoes) and my KODA NIVOLI tote (Read more about my tote here!) Tying your graphic tee or adding a statement necklace pushes any t-shirt and jeans outfit into effortlessly chic territory. As an anniversary gift my hunny got me these new Ray Bans (even though she is now trying to claim them as her own- NO, TARAH you can't have these back :), LOL.) Last, but certainly not least, southern girls come equipped with a charming smile to complete every look!

Show Juanita some southern love! To keep up with Juanita head over to her blog here, like her Facebook, and follow her bomb as she would say " Be Bold, Be You, and Stand OUT!"