What's In My Purse?

I was waiting for the perfect time to show you my junk…in my purse! HA! We all have seen the bag lady but this week I am BACK again with the details of what makes up my 100 lb purse.. Let’s get started!

Minimalist  Black Sandal-  Yes (to answer your mental question) it is common for me to have a pair of shoes in my PURSE! I know I have like twelve pairs of black shoes, but minimalist sandals are trending right now so I had to add to my closet guilt-free.  I snagged these at…wait for it….Pay Less. You can laugh all you want, but these shoes have seamlessly completed some expensive outfits  Unless your wearing Louboutin’s I PROMISE nobody cares about the brand of your heels, as long as you feel fabulous when you wear them they will look great! These are also comfortable enough to wear throughout the day because of the chunky heel. #smallwins

The Black Unicorn by Audre Lorde- Audre Lorde is extremely talented and very underrated.  She's the Young Jeezy of poetry right under your nose! I am reading her poetry collection The Black Unicorn and there are some serious literary golden nuggets in here! If you are a Toni Morrison fan or Nikki Giovanni reader, Audre Lorde’s collection will tickle your brain with feminist motive and refreshing lesbian perspective. I can eat this up! BREAKFAST LUNCH DINNER!!!!

KODA NIVOLI Signature Tote- Y’all have heard my raving review for this bag and company, but you can click here for my recent post with all the deets on my bomb-ass purse!

TeaTank Bottle- SOOOO, I discovered this beauty on Instagram and it was a great find! Infuser bottles are not new, but this one caught my attention because of the sleek design. I was hesitant about buying a glass bottle, but its so easy to clean and looks much more upscale than a regular plastic bottle. I mean the lid is wood, c’mon! My TeaTank also makes great tea and fruit infused water. It’s with me all day everyday so even when I feel like “hot mess express” my TeaTank makes me feel fancy! :)

Ray-Ban Sunglasses- New Sunnies are essential for Spring, and what better to go with my new fro’, ok?!?! You can’t go wrong with a pair of Ray-bans so these are my new Clubmasters. A little heavy on the face but that is just to remind you of the solid quality. Consider them a smart wardrobe investment.

Gucci Guilty Perfume- If you wanna smell like you have your life put together then this is the perfume. Period. Guilty has been my favorite scent for a few years now, but since it still relatively new to most folks the smell is sexy and peaks curiosity. This is light years away from Elizabeth Taylor’s White Diamond, so even if you drown yourself in this lovely scent nobody is losing their appetite, K?  Remember to spray the hotspots to make it last the longest (back of the ankles, back of the knees, wrists, crease of the arm, neck, and of course, behind the ear.)

Good Vibes T-Shirt-  I LIVE in t-shirts and this one is SOO comfy. See last weeks post for details on my badass shirt. Click here.

Lost Queens Tribal Necklace- Upgrading a boring outfit is easy with this tribal piece from Lost Queens. Lost Queens (whose website is Formation themed, YAASS) is giving me LIFE with this necklace.  As a new brand ambassador for this black-owned company I always have discounts on DECK for y’all so use discount code LQALISHA and get 15% off of your purchase.  Be warned that this necklace is for the girls who don’t mind a little attention. It makes a statement in a big way (and there are also little tiny bells built in so when you walk you feel like a Goddess). I will also be hosting a GIVEAWAY pretty soon for this necklace so stick around!

That's all for now y'all! I will see you next week and (hopefully) my purse will be clean by then! BYYEE!