How to Celebrate YOUR Queendom!

Snatched hips and hair flips honey!

Summer is almost here and we MUST celebrate your Queendom. This week has been non-stop fun for me and in a few days I am heading back south to enjoy the beautiful city of Orlando, FL.  Before I get primped by poolside (and turn 40 shades darker) I had to show you this casual Saturday outfit with the newest addition to my wardrobe- CLUTCHES!

I only toned down my clothing this week with a classic blue shirt from Old Navy, but I have been feelin’ myself and you should be feelin’ yourself too. In fact, do that every week :)  I paired this button-down with my crisp white denim jeans for a so fresh and so clean vibe, then added my lace up wedges. BOOM- a lot of effort to look effortless. LOL. To top that off I got rid of some dead weight….. Rapunzel said NO and GIRL that long hair had to GO!  I kept spotting the most edgy and sophisticated bobs on Pinterest (y’all know Pinterest is always selling me dreams) so I opted to try a soft lob (long bob =lob) and I am loving the minimal maintenance. YOU COULDN’T TELL ME NOTHIN’!

 Last, but certainly not least-I truly underestimated the power of beautiful clutch.  I like big purses and I cannot lie, but this outfitwas taken from “ehh” to “exciting” with my Klutch Queen Collection Caramel Kente Clutch. Get into this Queen life, OK?!  Since African print is trending this summer I had to throw in some inspiration from the motherland. Just so y’all know these clutches are handmade and very affordable. Head over to their site and check them out!

It’s time to make changes and enjoy the Queen that you are!  RE-invent your happiness and with summer in sight take time to care for yourself, and that summer body you have been working on! Yes, you are just like me therefore you deserve a vacation ( with a massage, and some fresh cut fruit on a plate, and drinks with little umbrellas!) Stay confident, sassy,  and SNATCHED ladies! See you next week!

Shirt: Old Navy

Pant: Rue 21 SuperSoft Skinny

Shoes: SO old- Target

Clutch: Klutch Queen Collection