Traveling The World and Trollin' The Internet

WE ARE OFF! While you are reading this my hunny and I are on the way to Aruba. I actually won this trip from a giveaway and assumed (like everybody else) there was NO way anybody ever wins this stuff- but I'm here to tell you that it happened to me so I am about to CTFU! YASS! I'm a little nervous since this is my first time out of the country. Nothing ever seems real to me until I'm boarding a plane, or packing up the car, or shutting a door.

So much has happened in the past two weeks (and is continuing to happen.) I know that CHANGE is good, but it's also very scary. I'm FINALLY done with Child Protective Services. SHAMELESS Plug- If you are an aspiring social worker or are interested in working for the Department OR looking to adopt or foster children feel free to contact me. I have plenty to tell :) CPS is my comfort zone though- so finding a new job in Ohio will a adventure I am mentality prepared to take. All of the OldHeads say "If you can work for CPS, you can work anywhere." I'm starting to realize this great truth. I have been trollin Indeed and Career Builder SO Hard! 

But, oh yes! This move to OHIO! I feel like we JUST got here and made friends!

Unless you're involved in the military life relocating every few years seems so foreign. It wasn't until I was swept off my feet did I realize how fast and how challenging being a military spouse can be and the perils of moving! UGH the last time we moved they (moving company) lost our entire house full of stuff for several weeks. LIKE BRUH, REALLY?!?  Tarah and I spent some time sleeping on the floor in our empty place *Andre 3000 voice* watching the ceiling fan go by, trying to catch that feeling *music notes.* I'm sure it will be much smoother this time and I can't wait to just BE there (and have a reason to shop for coats, YASSS.)

In the meantime, I'm trying my best to enjoy my little vacation. I'll be back in the States in no time fishing for your Ohio contacts so send them my way y'all!

See you soon! 


  • Tank Top: Old Navy
  • Necklace: Lost Queens, use my promo code LQALISHA for 15% off purchase.
  • Pants: Hollister
  • Purse: KODA NIVOLI
  • Shoes: SO OLD, not even funny