July Favorites

I couldn’t sneak out of San Antonio without a final favorites post! While I LOVE bright colors (if you haven’t noticed) today I am switching it up to black and white to bring you all the details of this months fav items.

Olay Regenerist has always had a special place in my heart. When I stay up late watching sappy movies and start shedding real thug tears the Chanel bags under my eyes need as much help as they can get- hence this product. I know I’m not 50 or in need of a facelift but I am all about preventative measures and this is one of them. Slap it on in the evening, wake up looking rested. BOOM. Find it at any drugstore.

I usually don’t have more than one shirt added into the mix but I am all about this WERKING t-shirt from the ladies of 91+North. 91+North is a brand-spankin’ new company with some awesome tee designs to jazz up you denims on your casual days. The shipping is fast, the site is megaclean, and they left a handwritten “Thank You” note in my package. LOVE that! Check them out here!

I know crop tops are coming close to their end…..but I am going to hold on to them for dear life since I have a bagillion of them! If you enjoy some side-boob realness then this is it! My hunny found this for me from Express ON SALE. And when Express has a sale you fight all your life to make it to that sale, Amen??!

Have you seen me in real life? IF not, just know that I go through a TON of mascara. Although I gear towards waterproof, this regulaaah mascara is rich, thick (in a good quality way), and easy to apply. The brush is also double-sided with a wand side and short comb side. Don’t sleep on Almay. Find it here.

Every now and then you meet someone with a beautiful spirit who is able to express their spirit through art. I found my friend Bianca a few months ago as I was trollin’ the internet for art pieces. She created this piece (just for me, so I felt special) and you will see her work again gracing the cover of my new poetry collection. WOOT! Check out her work and her IG @JourneytoArt.

 I am always on the hunt for make-up that is not going to walk off of my face after 10 minutes in the Texas heat. I FINALLY found a tint moisturizer that is light enough to stay in place, and sheer enough to look like I’m not wearing makeup at all (which is the actual goal y’all.) Lemongrass Spa is all-natural (so no odd chemical breakouts) and they have a ton of other CLEAN and HEALTHY products for your skin. Buy some from my sis here.

And last, but not least- SHOES. I bought this shoes and thought OMG I can wear these at some point in almost every season! I snagged these from Rue 21 (yes, for real) and they are moderately comfortable (gets a little funky around my wide toes after a few hours……ok, my toes are trying to plan their escape out of these hostile shoes in few hours) but I can do dinner and a movie in these. Get you some here!

And that all! See y’all next week when spill all my deets about My Journey with Crossfit. BYEEEE!