"Don't Rush Your Come Up"

Guns down grammar police! I know there are better ways to say this phrase but its gone viral at this point so ACCEPT IT! 

I see "Don't Rush Your Come Up" almost everyday on the Internet (especially on Instagram) and the more I view it the more I realize how relevant it is to my life (and yours, HA!)

My biggest issue was running. I was always "running" to do this and "rushing" to do that. WE ALL do. Rushing through high school to get to college. Rushing through college to get a job. Rushing through regular jobs to get a better job. Rushing through "this" to get to "where I want to be." We are all moving through our lives at the fastest pace possible as if we have 0 time left. Now I'm not saying trash your goals (because I would never tell you to do that) but I am saying that sometimes your life timeline needs some finesse and occasional detours.

I have met so many older adults who hit me with some tough love and told me to take my time. Do your thang, but don't overdo your thang, otherwise there ain't gonna be no thang! LOL. The ongoing advice that I receive is to find a REAL balance between work and play. A REAL BALANCE- not the BS you tell your friends, family, or coworkers to make you look like you have your *ish togetha' when you really don't! Don't be so focused on "where you feel like you need to be" that you miss out on your current life. "School" is great but it can't be your whole life.

"Your career" is amazing but it can't be your whole life. "Your Business", "Your Kids", "Your fitness regime" etc, etc can't be your whole life. And LAWD JESUS SOCIAL MEDIA is NOT even close to real life! Sometimes where you are RIGHT NOW is where you need to be. Maybe some higher calling is keeping you where you are to ensure that you learn what you NEED to move forward in the future. Go through it and grow through it!  *sits Criss-Cross Applesauce* "OOOOMMMMM!"

Acceptance of who you are TODAY and where you are TODAY play a huge part in your "Come Up". If you are always rushing and moving forward without knowing who you are and what you want you will "get to where you need to be" but the essence of YOU ( the awesomeness that makes you YOU) wont be there. Most likely the people who care about you and love you wont be there either. Let's be real- good people get tired of being blown off and let down. Ok, ok, ok- I'm getting out of my feelings but you know what I mean!

So don't rush your come up. Success speaks for itself, and that mofo is NOT quiet. Be the best YOU that you can be today, and every day! Don't compare yourself to anyone, and don't get so consumed by "your _______" or current circumstances that you miss out on the meaningful life you are meant to live.

*drops mic like Simon Biles*

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See y'all in Ohio.