Squeezing in White Clothes Before Labor Day

My intensive "Googling" has paid off! After much research on why there are "timeless" rules about not wearing white after Labor Day I have made a huge discovery!

I found that NOBODY knows who specifically created this rule and as of September 21, 1950-ish NOBODY CARES. The rule began somewhere in the early 1900's as a way for the Rich Kids to stay cool all summer in their expensive white clothes (because white clothing was not cheap back in the day!) But then the not-so-wealthy folks started buying white clothing to blend in and look like they were on the up-and-up! So the Rich Kids made a rule that no white was to be worn after Labor Day to mark the end of summer (and white linen suits, and vacation season) so, of course, if you didn't know the "rule" and wore white after Labor Day then people would know you were not actually a rich kid.

Well- Petty LABELLE and her pearls from 1907 are LONG GONE so rock white however and whenever you please! Coco Chanel wore white year-round and made it part of her signature style, so why not you too??! I paired this airy black spliced shirt, high-waist white jeans, and strappy sandals for a quick and easy outfit that always looks much more dressed up than it actually is. I threw some flexi-rods in my hair and gave it a fluff for an added bonus. Pair this outfit with a structured bag for maximum slayage. DONE! 

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Shirt-Rue 21

Jeans- Rue 21 (super soft leggings)

Shoes- Guess

See you next week with deets on our time so far in Ohio!