Open Letter to The Alamo City

 Open Letter to The Alamo City

I came. I saw. I messed with Texas.  

When I first moved to San Antonio I was worried. SO SCURRED! I had never lived in a city so BIG and full of opportunities. Getting on the highway and immediately going like 90 mph for my hour-long commute to work was rough, but scenic. (After seeing the rising electronic  number of "deaths on Texas highways" CHILLLEE I am the safest driver you know!) 

My long drives came to serve a larger cause. One day I was gypsying around off highway access roads (trying to avoid traffic) when I noticed a spectacular  "Where The Wild Things Are" mural. San Antonio is full of street art SO the more I looked the more I found! I told myself I would start a photoblog of all the street art in San Antonio I could find. That idea evolved...quickly. Now we are here with my blog FULL of graffiti, (mentally) my countless days of taking photos in the wee hours of the morning, and encounters with lots of folks with stories to share.

You don't have to stick around long in the Alamo City to find great people with great stories. I can't go through all of my friends but I would like to thank my CPS ladies, Crossfit community, and Regulator family for all that you have done to make my time here priceless.

There's nothing more refreshing to me than a bustling city, and San Antonio is just that! Even though traffic can be horrendous those woes are trumped by all the happenings at The Pearl, The Quarry, Blue Star, the Alamodome, and (of course) the Downtown Riverwalk. I know all the hipsters are making their way to Austin (and ACL '15 was insane) but San Anton' will always feel like home.

We have to move because there is more to be accomplished in our careers. San Antonio will always serve as a sounding board for future success. This city has done so much for us already. It's only fair to move and grow. I still have a lot of work to do.

By the time you read this I"ll be long gone. Our household belongings has been shipped to Ohio. I gave away all my fancy house plants. I packed up this monstrosity of a closet and we are couch-surfing up the east side to see our family. So goodbye for now-  I have this itching feeling that we will be back very soon.

See you later,