(Locally) TV Famous with SA Live & Crazy for Curls GIVEAWAY

I can't lie, being on television has always been on my bucket list but I never assumed that it would actually happen! Last week I was afforded the unique opportunity to be the talking head for the Crazy for Curls SA Live segment <- Video here and on FB.....and I had a ball! There are a surprising amount of steps that have to happen before you get there though - like chatting with PR companies, patiently waiting for products in the mail, and actually using ALL the products you are chatting about. (Keep in mind that all this ish is happening while I am trying to relocate!) ANYWAYS- In my mind this was being recorded and I could try again but NAH- Live TV is whole different ballgame!  The lights! The CAMERAS! I looked around and said OMG this is where the pretty Broadcast Journalism majors in college end up!

I'm sure y'all could tell I was super nervous at least for the first minute (*Kevin Hart Voice* "I waaassnnnt REEEEAADDY!"  However, after  about 45 seconds I mentally said...."yyyeeeeahh I'm just gonna wing it!" and that is exactly what happened. GURL FAKE IT TIL YOU MAKE IT!  Before I knew it words were just flying out of my mouth! I gave it a few chuckles and hair flip! I even told an Instagram joke! BOOM! In moments my 4 minute segment was over and I could finally breathe after two weeks of holding my breath. I could not remember what I said until I saw the video shortly after but I am so thankful it didn't go left! My friends have been making fun of me for the "smooth it on!" hand and hair motions. I had to buy some time to think up things to say y'all! I was giving you TELENOVELA! Lol

Since I am now I am a "curly hair expert" I am sharing all the love with you and having a GIVEAWAY! All three products presented in the segment are now up for grabs from yours truly! To enter to win subscribe to my blog at the bottom of this post. Thats it! You'll get an email saying welcome to the blog. I will put all the official mumbo jumbo at the bottom (so you know I'm serious!) Entries end Sept 5 and winner will be announced Sept 6! Good Luck! 

Oh yeah- the OUTFIT! So my wife picked this outfit and it was a winner. My go-to is always a sleeveless dress and heels because it's easy to change into and easy to find a proper fit (especially for folks with muscular arms.) The most common compliment I got was that my arms looked great #BODYGOALS -> YALL KNOW Angela Bassett is my INSPIRATION.

We paired this suede blend olive dress with a wine colored heel and called it a day! The zipper up the back and the peek-a-boo tummy detail help keep this dress trendy. The shoes are from the brand Report and are WAAAY more comfortable than they look. They are like "walk around downtown all day" comfortable. Add accessories and then take one off per Grandma's rule- and DONE!

SUBSCRIBE to the blog below and enter the giveaway for Crazy For Curls Segment Products! See y'all next week!

Terms and Conditions: This Tricky Vibes giveaway will be drawn at random using random.org or randomized site alternative. The winner will be announced September 6, 2016. The prizes are the Marc Anthony Strictly Curls Shampoo and Conditioner set, Design Essentials Honey Curling Custard, and the Design Essential Coconut & Manoi Hydrating Milk and Curl Refresher Spray. One entry per person. The winner will be notified via email and the winners name will be published on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and the Tricky Vibes website. Entries remain the property of the Tricky Vibes Blog and may be republished.