5 Ideas You Can Steal From Kanye West

Do you love you like Kanye loves Kanye?

Well, dangit! You should.

We all appreciate his politically incorrect outbursts and ongoing declarations about fashion, world peace and....pretty much every topic that pops into his mind. Despite his outrageous behavior GURRL we have a few thaangs we need to take away from Yeezus Christ (lol I still can't believe he named his album Yeezus.) Here we go!

Confidence: Kanye, BRUH!  I've never seen someone with their head held higher- but that's what happens when you are full of confidence.  You gotsta wear it in your walk, your talk, and your wardrobe (of course).  You are priceless and you know it. Once you accept that you are pretty much unstoppable. Channel your inner Kanye (but not too much because we know he is crazy) and get ish done. You are THE Star and you should love yourself accordingly. *hair flip*

Transparency: *music notes* How many of us? How many of us? How many of us have real friends? *music notes* I love meeting people who are straight forward and REAL. Since becoming a full-time grown-up (lol) I have realized that life becomes a lot less complicated when say exactly what you mean all the time. Less room for interpretation and more room for being a #Boss. Tiptoeing around the elephant in the room doesn't make it go away. "Hoping" people understand and being passive will get ya nowhere. You don't have to snatch the mic from Taylor Swift but you always need to SPEAK UP AND SPEAK OUT.

Hard Work: Kanye is noted as being one of the hardest working artist this generation has ever seen (I meeeeaan he's not Beyoncé but I'll give him a pass this week.) Yeezy taught me all about the gold diggers and the effort it takes to get to the GOLD in the first place. There is no substitute for hard work and there is no cheat sheet for a successful life. Working towards your goals everyday is the only way to earn your Jesus Piece.

Know Your Worth- Kanye has shown us that modesty is not his best quality BUT his awareness of his voice and worth is undeniable. You have limitless value. Don't ever box yourself into the idea that you can "only go so far", "only earn so much", or "only be so good." In fact just don't put yourself in ANY box at all. You're worth more than that. Don't show up for just a seat at the table. Pull a Kanye and come for the whole damn table. 

See!? Told you there is so much to learn!

Tomorrow my hunny and I will be heading to Columbus to see Kanye in the flesh at his Saint Pablo show (and by see I mean like squint from several hundred yards away from the stage) and I cannot wait!!!! Subscribe below, share on FB, follow me on Bloglovin here if you have it, and wish us luck at the merchandise table! See you next week.

Sweater: Forever 21

Leggings: Charlotte Russe

Belt: left it at home by accident, needed it

Jacket: Decree