How to Make Every Outfit Less *Boring*

Buenos Dias from Texas!! We were flying first class up in the SKKKY and now we have safely landed in San Antonio.  I am too excited to celebrate a wedding AND see my fraaaaaans

Anywoot! Sometimes I forget about the fashion part of my blog and get on my soapbox with other empowering topics, but TODAY I am chatting all about creating visually interesting outfits by mixing textures.  (Don't I sound a lil bit smart?!?! HA!

The monochromatic look is trending all over the place! I can't open Pinterest without seeing the "all neutral head-to-toe trench outfit", but if you look closely you will see that these outfits appear to be significantly more polished when multiple textured are used. Case and point - Le outfit!

I could wear all black, all day, errrday, but I switched it up a little (mostly cuz I loved the graffiti piece more than my ensemble, but whateva! We all know there are levels to this *ish! ) If your grandma was anything like mine she would tell you to make sure "all yo' blacks gotta match baby!" BUT if you can't match all of your black garments to same shade of black then you might as well make it interesting instead and throw in a neutral. What else can you do to add interest? See below! Tips time!

- Mix drastically different textures for every item within the same color family. Mix a smooth legging with a crinkled top. Mix sequins with matte finished items. Mix a suede bootie with a leather jacket or faux fur. OPPOSITES ATTRACT. For this get-up I paired a leather legging, ok ok "pleather" legging from Express with a super soft turtleneck dress from H&M. I added a suede tie heel (I call these my #thotLIFE shoes, but I LOVE these) and cloth parka to complete the look. Not bright, not colorful, but interesting. 

- Do NOT pair two items that have a very similar texture.......unless you are going for that throwback velour tracksuit look. Don't miss the mark. It 100% matches as a set or it does not. Trying to force it always ends up looking....ehh. If you're standing in your closet trying to convince yourself it almost matches then just let it go. If you have to ask for input then the you already know the answer. Try something else. Multiple textures make your look much more effortless. I promise. 

- Buy interesting outerwear. It's still SO cold in the D! Make it a point to buy more than one jacket. I know you have that one jacket you wear to DEATH...but do you really like wearing a puffy jacket over a fancy dress to a romantic dinner? No. You don't. Your yams are disappearing under the fluff! Your shapely buns need to be seen! Invest in an alternative jacket that is WARM, well-fitted to flatter the waist, and timeless. Try a new pea coat , trench coat, or leather jacket. 

- Wear it with confidence. When you look like you have your life together people believe it. So own it. Haters gonna hate, but one hater don't stop your show! You look great so give yourself permission to feel great. #SLAYallDAY

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See you next week!