Try These 3 Things For A Week, and Be Twice As Productive in the New Year!

Alisha here with a DRAMATIC EXIT for 2017 *flips hair*! Lets get prepared, y'all! The internet will break soon with thousands of posts about New Years resolutions and being a “brand new you” in the coming year. You are PERFECT just the way you are, but we know there is always room for improvement especially when it comes to managing time (and getting your face out of your phone, LOL). I researched new tactics for productivity this week and found three small behavior changes that will help you get more done in less time. Are you up for a challenge? My post will serve as the final fashion piece for the year featuring these amazing leggings from My Legwear Shop, and a fur coat that caught ALL the wind during the photoshoot. 

Let’s watch a video to get ya up to speed!

Tip #1 : Stop reacting to others' expectations

We all are obsessed with our phones, so it’s no surprise that it’s tied to the first bad habit to change!  My homeboy Jim Kwik said " give up your sovereignty for the day..." when you pick up your phone first thing in the morning?!? My mind is blown, y’all. I’ve tried it for the past three days and I cut about twelve minutes off of my morning routine. It also allowed me wake up in my own time and not feel bombarded with notifications that need “quick” and thoughtless responses. You don't have to respond to every email as soon as you receive it! The notifications will be there when you get back. Social media depression is a real diagnosis nowadays. Google it. I challenge you not check your phone for the first hour and last hour of the day. The absence will allow you to mental wake up and wind down peacefully.

Tip #2 : Set up your environment to win.

There will be a mad rush for gym memberships next month (predictably, I know) but so many folks fall off the fitness wagon within the first two months. “Setting up your environment to win” includes aligning your perspective with action. Por ejemplo, you say you want to work out our more...but have you set a realistic schedule that allows you to work out....or picked out sexy active wear and packed a bag for the gym the night before....or put your bag in the car so you can head there right after work?  Action steps within your environment require behavior change. You will change your behaviors by understanding what you value and believe. I challenge you to create your New Years resolutions with additional details about WHY your goals are valuable to you. If you don’t truly value your health then #bodygoals may not happen for ya. If your friend is literally dragging you with her to the gym then your behavior won’t change if she has to be there to kick you in the butt. Jim Kwik gave a great example about reading. If you say you're going to read a book every day, but you don't really value taking the time to read then you're never going to develop that habit, even if you get yourself to physically sit down and do it. It will be a meaningless task and your brain will find a way NOT to do it after awhile. Be ready and willing to do the work on your own with your motivation at the forefront. FIND YOUR WHY.

Tip #3 : Optimize your (mental) resources.

The child welfare field is a high stress, fast-paced environment and at work I am constantly making complex decisions about the lives of children in care. When my day is done I am physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausted. In my leisure time I only allow for a limited amount of “drama” and socializing. WHY? Because Brenda, I need to have “white space” in my life! There needs to be time each day when you have complete mental clarity, and you are not responding and reacting. When was the last time you had complete silence and heard yourself think?!? Exactly. Meditation is an excellent tool to clear the mental fog, forreal forreal. I challenge you to minimize your distractions and make time to mentally refresh yourself for at LEAST fifteen minutes a day. Make decisions that fulfill you, without depleting others. Make time for people you care about and have honest conversations without your phone on the table. Understanding the value of your time and be decisive about how you allow others to use it....*ahem* or waste it, is imperative to your success and productivity. 

Let's give it a shot for a week- No phone for the first and last hour of the day, create three goals and outline their value in your life, and mentally refresh in silence for fifteen minutes a day.

 Whoop! There it is! Do you think you can do it? How come? Comment below!

See you soon!