Procrastinators Guide to Valentine's Day: 10 Ideas to Nail In Less Than 24 Hours

Are you short on cash? Are you short on time... really short on ideas? I got you! Before I had discovered my "Wife Of The Year" super hero powers (basically work/life balance)- I was just like you! I had lots of awesome ideas that required waiting weeks for a delivery or immense amounts of planning that I simply could not pull off in a short time frame. So, to save your tail on Tuesday, here is a list of quick (and awesome) Valentine's Day plans for your honey shnookums OR for you and your single friends. And... yes, I have done a few of these :)

Throwback Theme Party: If you both are an active couple then this is actually a really fun date if done with great enthusiasm. The day BEFORE Valentine's Day pop the V-Day question; "Will you be my Valentine or NAH?!" via homemade card. The following day drop a few hints about roller skating, build some hype, then take your honey shnookums to your local roller skating rink. Share your nachos and don't be a savage. Substitute roller skating for bowling if needed- but make sure its a nice bowling alley. Yelp it! Don't send your boo into a cigar bar.

Scavenger Hunt Around The House: When you don't have lots of coins, gearing towards cheesy and thoughtful always wins. Snag some children's toys that are small and inexpensive from the dollar store. Hide the toys around the house complete with hints, clues, and jokes about your relationship. For example- if you have a GI Joe you could hide him behind the coffee maker and say "I love how you make my cup of JOE hot and fresh in the morning." HA! See what I did there?!!? Roughly ten of those leading up to other events should be a good laugh for your both. OR if your honey shnookums is a lush then head to the grocery store for a self-made charcuterie board snacks and wine prior to scavenger hunting. Here's a link for quick wine and cheese boards. You're welcome!

Photo collage: Photos are NOT played if you do it right! Do not show up with an envelope full of fresh sticky photos. UPGRADE. Troll your Facebook and save your #WCW, #MCM, and canoodling photos on your phone. Collage them on the Walgreens website. Order one-hour photo prints of your happiest moments and pick them up the same day, buy a NICE frame (not a black plastic one, wood preferably). Add flowers and a card. BOOM. Not quite romantical enough-- take this idea to the next level by pairing it with my next suggestion.

Deliver flowers to the job in person: If dinner seems overwhelming and you're ballin' on a budget, then make it a lunch date! TIMELESS.  Your honey schnookums will have flowers and a picture on her desk to brag about for the rest of the week.

Make a (PG) movie and confess your love! : My honey schnookums made one for me and I teared up. She's the best. Write a love letter, read a Shakespearian sonnet, or improv your video about how much you love your boo! Send the link to your boo at work so she can watch it before she gets home. You know she's gonna watch this like 8 times then tell all her friends. 

Host your own wine and painting party: Be social with your single friends! Friends don't let friends sit at home alone being sad! Don't be a V-day Scrooge! Homemade adventures are much more fun (and don't require real pants or a bra)! Head to the dollar store and snag some kid-friendly painting kits.  Next, Lay down some newspaper, turn on a binge-worthy Netflix original, fix up a wine and cheese board, and you're set. Channel your inner saddity-ness. You are a REAL Housewife of Atlanta! You ARE divorcing Peter!

OR Troll Facebook for Anti-Valentines Parties: At any given moment between February 12-15 there are at least fifteen anti-love parties. Round'em up and go!

Banner or Coupon Book: Make a "Best Valentine Ever" banner and put it on your front door. (With lots of sturdy tape) OR make a Coupon book for couples. Ya see.... a little word processer and a whole LOT of creativity can make a great gift. Coupon to clean the house for a week, coupon for you to clean her car, coupon for a back rub,  you get the picture! Here are some coupon ideas in this link!

Get your single friends to decorate your house while out: Nothing says love like getting some help from your social circle. Hit up Party City for decorations and discreetly hide them in the house. Set a decoration time for friends and find something fun to do while out! The best way to work this out is to make a ridiculously long grocery list and head out with your schnookums, insert your Valentines day mini-date, OR send her into ULTA (with cash--Swiping the card at ULTA is the devil's work). Guys if you have never been to ULTA just know its basically a black hole of girly things. Its a vacuum. She won't come back for hours. Leave your friends a bottle of whatever they like.  Let your friend take selfies with your unmentionables. Most of them- once aware of the selfie caveat and bottle- will do your decoration for free.  This also make great conversation for your fancy evening plans.

And if all else fails.....make it a Spa Night at home: Go to your local Lush store or ULTA and buy bath bombs.  If you don't know what a bath bomb is...CHILLLEEE..... get with the times! Drink wine with your hunny, light like 5 candles, then use the bath bombs together. Unless your boo has skin allergies, or is allergic to a good time, or allergic to you. Otherwise- THIS WILL NOT FAIL. 

Good Luck Procrastinator!

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