Shake $*&^ Up: How to Keep Yourself Fresh and Unexpected

"Our dilemma is that we hate change and love it at the same time; what we really want is for things to remain the same but get better. "

-Sydney J. Harris 

Doesn't it feels like I am writing a high school essay?!!? LOL! I had to throw in this quote because it's so accurate.  We all say 'change' is great, but I don't actually like changing! Honestly, truly. But you have to in order to stay ahead, stay relevant, and track progress (on whatever the heck you're doing as a New Years goal.)

Hold up! Wait a minute! Wayment! If you've already fallen off with your New Years resolution then just accept that you weren't ready to change. It's aight boo, you got a free trial month. Now is the moment to turn things around!

 I hear so many women say "Oh I would do ______, but ________." I would get more work done but I don't have time. I would do XYZ but I have XYZ problems.  I would be such a great X, but I'm actually sitting on my couch not working towards any particular goal.  If this is something you say often then I'm glad your reading my blog today. 

The key to change is a RUNNING start. ASSERT YOURSELF. Jump right in, start working, and get after your goals. The expectation is most folks don't complete HALF of the tasks they say they are going to do. So if you want to really shake ish up- DO WHAT YOU SAY YOU ARE GOING TO DO. It surprises people every time! 

And on the flip side of that....

Jacket by Decree, Clutch from Express

Jacket by Decree, Clutch from Express

Be unexpected by being honest with others and yourself.  It's 2017- you can say  "No" to things you don't feel a need to pursue. You don't "have" time, because you didn't "make" time, because you probably didn't care that much about X. So say that (politely...or not.) Pretend it is #HonestyHour 24/7 and no one will ever have to "guess" your effort and intentions. Yep- I am feeling a little ratchet today. I'm annoyed it has become socially acceptable to be flaky, passive, and aloof.  

Be unexpected and stop giving yourself excuses to be less and do less. You will always stay ahead of the game with an unhindered willingness to try something new. Potential is nothing without work. Reach farther and work harder. Be brave homie. Nobody stops you but you. 

AND you have me in your corner. When you are doing amazing things I will be your hypeman! Tag me and I'll be a cyber-cheerleader til' the cows come home! CHILLEE!

OK- let me climb back off my soapbox. 

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I feel like I could go on about this topic forever but I want to hear from you! What goals are you trying to reach? Need motivation? Subscribe and comment below!