Blogger Life: Answering Your Frequently Asked Questions

Blogging isn't THAT mysterious.....OR is it!??!?! LOL. My super LONG post is about the random questions folks ask me about running this ol' blog! Here are all the answers to your frequently asked questions, annnd this rockstar outfit. See deets in the photos!

Who takes your photos?

Me, 99% of the time. I take my own pictures. For some reason people believe that I have a personal photographer on deck at all times. I DO NOT. I take on the WORLD with my Nikon D3100 DSLR, a self-timer, and a tripod. I say a few prayers in my car in hopes of not being robbed at gunpoint, and then I do a photoshoot in the middle of the city by myself. I usually take photos in the morning because shady characters are not prowling the streets at 7:30am (and sunrise or sunset "Magic Hour" photos are best for lighting.) I have only had someone else take my photos on two occasions. 

Where do you take your photos? 

All over the place! When I move to a new city I research mural artists, art institutes, graffiti artists, etc. If I am feeling adventurous I roll through the 'hood. Some of the best art is in the most sketchy places, but, for the most part, I try to stay in a public area. The Oregon District has been pretty cool, and the Stop-N-Lock on Linden Ave has graffiti that is updated bi-weekly. The Linden Wall also is adjacent to a bike path so there are lots of people passing by being nosy-which I don't mind.

How much time during the week do you spend on your blog?

Pictures can take up to two hours, videos can take hours to edit, and actually writing a post usually takes three hours. I can safely say I spend about 4-5 hours a week working on blog related things. However, I can definitely see how folks turn blogging into a full-time career. More on that later!

Boots from Forever 21

Boots from Forever 21

Do you get free stuff?

YES and NO. It baffles me how secretive bloggers are when it comes to "free stuff." A company may send you a sponsored product but that product will be in exchange for REAL work you have to complete within a deadline. Brands want bloggers to present their products to their audience as organically as possible, but brands also want their product photos, links, promo codes, and even hashtags to be precise and useable for their own use later. Making your "brand" match another company's "brand" can be challenging. Additionally, company's track how many of your followers click their links, 'like' the photos you created of their products, and often pay bloggers the discount you receive from using those promo codes. SO yes, its free but you must perform and show results. THE PRESSURE IS REAL.

How many companies have collaborated with you?

Somewhere between thirty and forty-ish. That ish cray. It still blows my mind that brands work with me. I know that sounds weird, but I feel like a baby blogger. My favorite bloggers have 100K followers and magazine appearances, etc. I will say doing a TV gig for Design Essentials was terrific, and Brahmin Handbags (which I'm wearing in these photos #ad)  are HUGE brands I never would have guessed wanted to work with little ol' me! *Juju's On The Beat*

Do you go shopping every week?

I go to mall and window shop weekly. That is a fact. I don't necessary BUY clothes every week, but I am always looking in stores, magazines, Pinterest, etc. I also get rid of clothes pretty often. Plato's closet is my friend.

Why is your blog named Tricky Vibes?

I used to be a hippie. LOL. My friend once told me they never knew exactly how I felt about anything because I was "hard to read" and sending out "tricky vibes." I liked it, made it my Twitter handle, and here I am 87 years later with the same name. I thought about changing it, but "Good Vibes" was far too basic by 2015 and other "____ Vibes" names began to sound like adult sex toys, so I just kept what I had.

Who edits your videos?

This is a one woman show! I edit my own videos using iMovie (on my phone TBH.) One day I will be a real Youtuber and use FinalCut Pro, but LAWD it's 'spensive! One day!

Are you going to do a YouTube channel?

Yep, in the process of making and perfecting my channel. My goal is have like 10-12 videos up and then announce the channel so you can actually have something to see and enjoy! It's coming  along, no worries!

Sunglasses by Rayban. THANKS HUNNY. Purse from  BRAHMIN

Sunglasses by Rayban. THANKS HUNNY. Purse from BRAHMIN

Who built your website?

*points to self* My website platform is, and I encourage everyone who is making ANY website for ANY business to use Squarespace so that you don't have to figure out coding. Squarespace is basically 'drag and drop' web design. LOVE it.

How do you post your blog on Facebook?

I researched Facebook photo sizing requirements, and edit all of my featured photos to fit. I then add my blog link into the Facebook Development Debugger and it fixes all the compatibility errors so all my friends (like you, heeey!) see the same photo the same way with no error messages or cut off photos with half of my face. :) 

How do you come up stuff to write about every week?

I shake my head around and before you know it my girl brain starts shootin' out ideas! JK. I'm easily inspired. Honestly, I have a calendar of ideas I come up with a few weeks ahead of time before posting. I do write my blogs on Saturday morning though. SAME DAY.

What are you going to do next?

My poetry collection "Acquainted' will be out in June. The book has always been on the bucket list because I love writing and am ready to share my art with the world. It also stands as a reminder that I actually am educated despite my ratchet blog posts.  My Youtube channel will be up within the next few months as well. My future goal (like WAAAAY in the future) is an online clothing store.

Do you see yourself blogging full time?

EHH. I'm a social worker. I like helping people. There is a tremendous amount of work that goes into blogging, engaging an audience, and collaborating with brands. Pimpin' your life out for the internet to judge can also be exhausting. If the Youtube thang goes well then I would consider a lifestyle change, but the YT is brutal. My expectations are humble at this point.

Advice for blogging beginners?

  • Stay true to yourself. Folks know when you B.S. If you position yourself as a expert then your readers will keep receipts! 
  • I would encourage all bloggers to take their own photos because you never want to get caught up in the mess of not owning photos of yourself that other businesses may use for promotional purposes.
  • Don't say yes to every brand collaboration, no matter how much you want to! Knockoff Yeezy sneakers with LED lights will never work for me, but the offers will come!  Not every brand will match your style.  Decline and refer them to another blogger friend that would be a good fit. Show some sophistication. *hair flip*
  • Expect to be judged! Expect to be called "vain" and "narcissistic". Succeed anyway.

Have more questions for me? Comment below and I WILL answer your questions. Subscribe and share with someone interested in starting their own blog! See you next week!