Part II of the Summer Dress Series: Picking the Little Black Dress

Sexy now and sexy forever! The Little Black Dress is a timeless piece that every woman needs. I'm serving you all the legs and all the guidance on picking the perfect LBD to show off those #bikinibodygoals before we even hit the beach. 

Versatile (also known as basic) AF : I know it's tough but you don't NEED the dress covered in sequins all the time. I appreciate a glamorous first LBD, buuuut what was your plan after New Years?!?.... Exactly. I named these posts "summer series" but the title should be "Don't buy clothes for one event." I don't ask you to be basic often, but when I do it's for your own good.  Pick something basic! A successful LBD can be dressed UP with accessories or dressed DOWN with your one-strap sandals and still scream SEXY. The less frills there are, the more YOU they see. If you can't wear it with comfortable heels AND cute sandals or flats, then it's not versatile enough. Your best bet is a shift dress or sheath dress. Find one like this here at Tobi

The dress is called the  Alecia Shift Dress , Crazy, right!?!? That's how I knew it was meant to be!

The dress is called the Alecia Shift Dress, Crazy, right!?!? That's how I knew it was meant to be!

Perfect Fit: FIRST-Do some research on the best fit for your body type, then walk in the store with screenshots. COME WITH STYLE RECEIPTS GURL! Pinterest should be your best friend when it comes to upgrading your wardrobe because you can present the overly helpful sales associate with concrete ideas versus the following conversation:

-Act I, Scene I-

Overly Helpful Sales Associate: "May I help you find something today?"

You (me): "Uhh, yes I need a dress."

OHSA: "Ok, well we have lots of dresses! What type of dress do you need?" 

You (me): "A regular black dre-"

OHSA: "We have prom dresses, business dresses, sun dresses,bridesmaids dresses, swimsuit cover-up dresses, t-shirt dresses, cocktail dresses, maxi dresses,blah blah blAh dresses

You (me): "I'll just look around myself, thanks." (Rolls eyes into next galaxy)

OHSA: "Ok, well my name is (Racheal,Jessica, Keisha, Robin, Samantha, OR ANY name you already forgot) if you need anything!"

-End Scene-

.... and then you walk around aimlessly for thirty minutes. LOL and then she walks by again and you still have nothing but you don't ask for help because now you're ashamed!!! YES, I KNOW YOUR LIFE! 


Prepare before you shop. Google "best dress for my body type" and find a flattering fit. Skinny girls don't want to look like they are going to disappear in something too form-fitting, and curvy girls don't want to look like they cut a hole in a bedsheet and put a belt around it. Research, Pinterest, shop with a budget, Rinse, and repeat. 

Shoes from Azure Boutique . The new website is amazing!

Shoes from Azure Boutique. The new website is amazing!

Sex Appeal:  When you feel sexy everything else just falls into place. Sexy is visible confidence so wear your dress (and all your clothes) like you mean it! There's that line between sexy and slutty- so my rule of thumb is that IF you can't throw a cardigan over it and make it work-appropriate then it's TOO MUCH SESSY.....but to each their own! The dress I'm wearing passes all of my ridiculous tests and I believe it is the perfect LBD for me. Giving you a little bit of skin, a whole lotta leg, and an effortlessly chic silhouette. Tobi actually has an entire section of their site dedicated to LBD's so find this one here and see the other winners too! 

Have you dealt with the overly helpful sales associate? Do you have a LBD that you love? Comment below! And do you see all those social share buttons below? Yes? Cool. Share this post with a friend who needs a good laugh and a joint shopping trip!

See you next week from Philly Black Pride! Click here to watch the video on my Facebook page!