Part III of the Summer Dress Series: Maxi Dress + Mother's Day Rant

Part III of the Summer Dress Series: Maxi Dress + Mother's Day Rant

Yes girl, my whole back is out! I have to show off what my Momma gave me! What she didn't give me was enough smarts to set up my tripod correctly.  During the shoot my camera and tripod fell over and I broke my DSLR camera in half! Jk, that's totally my fault. We can't blame our parents for everything.

I'm gonna talk about the dress once I get off of my Mother's Day soapbox.

As a social worker (yes, I have my license) I've dealt with loads of folks who never take responsibility for any of their own mistakes. The theme that I've seen goes from "I can't do X, it's not my fault" to "my mom/dad never did X so that why I can't do X." If this is your go-to line and you are over 21 then we need to get a coffee and reevaluate. I can help you fill out the application for your feature on the "Iyanla, Fix My Life" TV show. Lol, but seriously though. 

OUR parents are people, too. We like to think that our parents are supposed to be superhuman machines with endless knowledge and guidance to give. NAH BRUH.  John Legend said it best "We're just ordinary people...." and nobody owes you anything as a adult. I know you didn't ask to be born, but holding on to resentment from childhood won't make anything better today or any holiday.

It's ok to feel upset or hurt, but you have to claim your successful life and use those feelings to propel you forward. You'll miss out on your greatness by choosing to stay angry- and you'll get wrinkles. NOBODY IS WORTH WRINKLES. Some folks mothers and fathers are not even alive and we are over here being SALTY. Celebrate your mother (or motherly figures) in your own way. One day you'll be a mom and your ungrateful kids will complain about how you never made time for them because you were always on your phone playing Boom Beach. HAHAHA! It's the CIRCLE OF LIFE! Ok, I'm done with my rant on the Mother's Day haters. 

Anyways, outfit details! Picking a Maxi dress boils down to finding the right fit through the shoulders/ hips as well as proper length. If you try on a maxi dress and the fit through the shoulders and hip is funky, then don't leave the store with it. We all love to twirl around in the dressing room but the top half has to WERK. That's step number one! 

If you are short and your maxi dress drags the ground then their is a simple solution!  Gather your dress from underneath at the side hip and tie a slip knot or fasten with a hair tie. The knot creates a pretty gather without looking tacky AND takes you dress off of the ground. For short and tall folks- You can also knot a maxi dress a few inches from the bottom hem for a casual beachy look that keeps your precious gown from being stepped on. The dress I am wearing is from Tobi, and all of their dresses are true to size. Check them out here.

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers (including mine) who read this post! Have a Mother's Day story you want to share? Comment below!