What You & Bryson Tiller Should Have In Common


Y'all know I am a Kanye fan despite his baffonery, BUT B.Tiller is making waves, dropping an album (True to Self- go listen on Apple Music) a month early,  and tackling life's most pressing issues--> Do you spend too much time with your friends? Do you drink too much? I am trying to touch your T R A P S O U L, amen?! Today I am shelling out life advice inspired by your favorite singer/rapper/random pause enthusiast. 

Jumpsuit by Assata Designs,  Shoes from DSW, Clutch from Forever 21

Jumpsuit by Assata Designs, Shoes from DSW, Clutch from Forever 21

Stay True to Self. I struggled with starting a blog and finding my voice. You would think that a blog would add an extra layer of confidence to your self-esteem. It does, but initially it's scary and still taxing on my spirit. For the first few months (unfortunately) I tried to please everyone on the internet. I didn't want to be offensive or have an old client pull my blog up in court (which is still a possibility.) One day I woke up and said "Alisha, Dis Tew Much" and dialed it ALL THE WAY BACK. Its exhausting to appease everyone but yourself. Honesty, consistency, and a sprinkle of ratchetry make me who I am. Then, I did a bit of self-reflection on the effort I was putting into my work and the clouds parted! I focused on doing what I loved instead of what I though other folks would love. Eventually all of the pieces fell into place.

Keep your expectations "In Check." I was listening to the Optimal Living Daily Podcast (which EVERYONE should hear) and a recent topic discussed was managing expectations for yourself and others. You will save yourself a world of heartbreak by recognizing juuuusst how many expectations you have for others (and ourselves) and whether these are realistic and healthy

Don't Run Yourself Dry. Take random pauses as needed. I am so stubborn but take it from me- trying to do it all never works. After running myself ragged, being hospitalized for poor health, and Rosa Parks round-trip tickets on the struggle bus I discovered we are no help to anyone else if we cannot help ourselves. Listen to your gut (or your wallet) whichever dries up first! HA! Admit when things will not last and start over. Never stop moving forward.

Stay blessed and recognize blessins! Y'all have got to stop moping around on the interwebs. I just CAN'T.  I CANNOT. If you scroll through your timeline and don't engage with other people in a positive way then (most likely) you are slowly becoming depressed by comparing your life to others. Let it go, bruh. Unplug! Lift your head up and look around! The world is a wonderful place despite reports from the Huffington Post. If you are reading this blog remember that you have enough data or WiFi to read it in the first place, and a morsel of SPARE time. It's 2017! Michelle Obama is still a role model after almost a decade in the public eye! My birthday is coming soon! Everyones edges are growing back! Count your blessings.

And speaking of blessings! Lets have an honest conversation about this outfit, YASS. My girl Arianna over at Assata Designs made this custom for me, and she is tearing up the internet with her online store. We can't let the men have all the fun with the #Romphim (even though i need a few for my guy friends. YES, I'm working on that!) If you love this look check out her work on Assata Designs site HERE. 

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