What You Missed at Philly Black Gay Pride 2k17

Between my first (amazing) silent party, getting to meet Tommie from Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta, and eating Philly Cheesesteaks FROM Philly- I would say that Philly Black Gay Pride Weekend was a WIN!

The Ultimate Silent Pride Experience (Hosted by Rich Harlotts and DNR)

Shoutout to my soror Dawn and my wife for coming along with me! This was my first silent party so I was a little skeptical, but I had a fantastic time. My crash course description for those of who have never been to a silent party- You put on headphones, chose a music station Dj'd by some of Philly's hottest Dj's, you look around and see what other folks are listening to (since the headphones light up with different colors for each station),  RAGE, and you party as you would normally. Rinse, and repeat. It was AWESOME! There was a throwback station, house music, and some modern day ratchet-ness for all to enjoy!

I didn't get as many pictures as I would have liked to on night two.....because I may or may not have been "distracted", but I also had a complete fan girl moment when Tommie from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta came out! AHHH! Tommie is insane on the show (and low key she is my favorite cast member) so I was floored to see her in person. I also had to dip out early so wouldn't miss my flight in the morning, but OMG I had a great time. I also attended a day party that was RIGHT across the street from our hotel. So convenient! (TAG YOURSELF IN THE PHOTOS HERE)

Ya know, Philly Pride is one of the first large scale black gay pride events and kicks off the remaining Pride events across the nation. No wonder it was PACKED. I would encourage any members of the LGBTQ (LGBTQIA-L,M,N,O,P all the letters!) community to show up and show out! Females may see the flyers and assume that it's mostly males......but NO! As you can see there are plenty of women who come to slay! More importantly, we were not harassed by the general public, nobody had friendly hands at any of the parties, and I would say that the entire weekend felt like a safe space. 


If you have questions or comments let me know, or message me directly. Thank you to all the people who made this weekend a success -> RICH HARLOTTS, Philly Black Pride, my girl Taffy of Goddess Girls, Dii The Comedian, DJ Deluxx, and many more I will add once I find their web links! 

Did you attend? Did you wish ya did? You put two and two together and realized I'm that random person who took your picture? HAHA! Have you gone to Pride before in other locations? Comment below!