STORY TIME: The REAL Reason I Started My Blog/Youtube Channel

Story time! I spent several days this week filming three videos about why I started my blog. I spilled my guts and told the WHOLE story of how my blog and Youtube channel came together. However, in true Alisha fashion,  my phone ran out of space and I accidentally deleted the video AND the videos in the recently deleted folder. All I do is lose! UGH.

No Bra all summer, #2k17

No Bra all summer, #2k17

Since the story still needs to be told I would like to take the opportunity to tell you why I started this WHOLE JAM. Here we go!

Sooo for those of you who don’t know me (hey girl hey.) I’m Alisha **waves*. I am a licensed social worker and have been working in the state child welfare system for about 5 years.  One of my greatest joys in life is helping other people, so I work with individuals and families get on their feet.  That covers any and everything- chronic homelessness, drug treatment, educational advocacy, therapy, on and on and on. I was previously a sexual abuse investigator (yes, for real for real). For two years I was “that” social worker who came out to the home, interviewed parents + kiddos about abuse and neglect reports, and removed kids from their homes as needed (which was often.)  GURL that’s the hardest job on Earth.  It’s all fun and games until you walk in a meth lab, or pull a baby out of a suitcase. LAWD

I switched into legal casework after two years of kid snatchin’. I was assigned multiple cases for a year with the goal of stabilizing families and their home after children were removed. I was on the other side of the fence working with folks to get their children back. Case management was incredibly rewarding, but preparing for court trials every week was taxing AF.  It’s all fun and games until you tell someone you are going to terminate their rights as a parent…..and then they follow you home. YIKES, right?


One rainy night I was laying in bed reflecting on my 10 minutes of a career. I realized the underlying issue that I dealt with most was working with women who were disempowered. Women from all walks of life, whether they were dealing with domestic violence, depression, substance abuse, mental health challenges, etc felt hopeless. I found that some women simply stopped doing and stopped caring because they were not empowered enough to keep going. They did not believe that they could succeed. Everyday I was someone’s cheerleader like “C’mon Jane Doe we are going to make it through this 10 Day Drug Detox Program” or “ Let’s go to the housing office and fill out this paperwork together!” Over time I watched countless women who had been told that they were nothing transform into productive members of society.  (Along the way I helped with clothing and beauty recommendations so they wouldn’t feel so alone…yes I really DO care that much.)

Photo credit today goes to my wife, Tarah. She was gracious enough to brave Little Five Points, ATL, GA with me at 6am for this beautiful photos. THANKS!

Photo credit today goes to my wife, Tarah. She was gracious enough to brave Little Five Points, ATL, GA with me at 6am for this beautiful photos. THANKS!

Watching their transformation changed me as woman. I became a stronger woman and I had to work through my own insecurities and struggles. LOL I had to downsize my ride on the Hot Mess Express!  Those women served as a inspirational catalyst for me and I want to share that journey of empowerment with other ladies (and gentlemen.) I AM HERE TO TELL YOU THAT YOU CAN DO ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING.  The blog, videos, the random posts are all for you to feel great about yourself.  When you look good, you feel good! I am here to remind you to be true to who you are, recognize your value, and FEEL EMPOWERED (So we can take over the world together).

Simple as that.

Now I have to hear from you! What inspires you? Share your story below! Subscribe to my new Youtube Channel and (eventually) watch my video on the real story of WHY I started my Blog/Youtube Channel.  I need 100 subscribers to make a fancy URL and I am halfway there, so subscribe and help a sista out! Go be nosy now ;)

See you next week!