10 Astonishing Girl Boss Apps to Get Yo Sh** Together

If you wanna be the boss you got to pay the app cost....unless its fo’ FREE! Alisha here with all the apps I use to get my life together! Although the title says it’s for the ladies, men can use some of these too! Here’s my detailed video on how I use each one!

Focus Keeper- The Focus Keeper app is a timer set to incorporate the Pomodoro Technique.  Pomodoro tasks you to complete each item on your to-do list in 25 minutes increments with 5-minute breaks built in between. After four rounds you have a long 25-minute break. For those of you who do Crossfit, it’s like an AMRAP timer with breaks you anticipate. It has helped me get laser focused and complete long writing projects without feeling mentally exhausted. It’s also great for work if you have long to-do lists with short tasks. I’m WAY more productive nowadays! 

To Doist- If you are a serial to-do lister then this is your jam! To Doist is a to-do list organizer so now you can put all of your lists in ONE place, prioritize them, check them off as you complete them, schedule them for later, and even share them with other people if you are working on a group project. SWOOSH. 

Clue- It’s no secret that us ladies plan outfits around our menstrual cycles. Let's HAVE A MOMENT OF REALNESS. I mean I’m not exactly in the market for a pregnancy scare. My WIFE loves me very much, but immaculate conception is out of the question at this point. However, tracking your menstrual cycle and vaginal health is so important. You track hormonal changes you feel, new developments, fertility window, libido, birth control if you forget to take it, etc! Clue even sends you monthly emails with health updates and recommendations to fix your pizza as needed.  It’s pretty awesome. 

Fancy Hands- Fancy Hands is a virtual assistant app! If there is something that needs to be completed but you don’t have time to do it request it through Fancy Hands. You’re dealing with real people, not robots, so they will make calls for you, respond to your emails in your inbox for you, clean out your inbox, order items online for you, add events to your calendar, you name it! For bloggers, it’s a huge help when it comes to tech! You can ask them to create editorial calendars, proofread and publish posts, SEO optimize your website, search guest posting opportunities, find PR companies, etc. I cannot say enough about FH. If you work full time but have a side business then this app is for you. 

Cleaner For Instagram- LADIES we are going to be D#%* pic free in 2018! Cleaner is the app that helps you take full control of your Instagram. If you have a large following it allows you to sort your followers, delete creepers with no profile pic, mass block accounts that are robots, follow other peoples followers, etc. I use it to mass block suspicious accounts so I won’t get hacked. You can also see who follows you but doesn’t engage with you and even delete inactive and “ghost” followers. It’s pretty neat. 

Buffer- Buffer is a social media scheduling tool that allows you to plan your post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. Buffer will post your content during optimized times of the day so the most people are able to see it based on your timezone. Each social network is different so the app takes all of the guesswork out of figuring out when to post. You can also use hashtags and add photos as well.

Pages Manager for Facebook- Pages Manager helps you stay on top of each like, comment, and message you receive on your business or personal Facebook page, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram. This is great for folks who want to connect with a large audience but don’t have time to fish through 76436 notifications. 

Reel and Tradesy- Soooo both of these sites are for shopping smart. Reel is an app that helps you create savings for new high-end items you want by deducting a set dollar amount per day from your bank account. You can set how much is deducted per day (even down to cents) and how long you need to pay for your item. Once it’s paid off Reel will automatically pay and ship it to you. TREAT YO SELF (responsibly.) Tradesy is a site dedicated to reselling expensive items for a DEEEEP discount. There you will find verified Chanel vintage, Louboutins, Gucci, Cartier, everything. Unlike Reel, you can purchase through a loan (kind of like QVC), receive your product immediately, and pay it off over several months. Be a fancy minimalist in Chanel vintage. The world needs you!

Grammarly- Grammarly is proofreading app! It's autocorrecting on steroids but in a less annoying way. If you are in school I recommend the premium version! The free version suggests edits on your phone and computer as you are typing! It’s great for folks who send work emails from their phone or anyone who makes money moves (so yep, that’s you, too!

Influenster- Last but not least! My favorite app for free beauty products! Influenster is not exclusive to bloggers, so if you like trying new makeup, skincare, snacks then this is for you!!! You fill out a profile and they say “try this and review it!” That's it! Sometimes it’s one item, and other times it’s a full VoxBox. Most of the time the products are full size, not sample size. This app is the reason why I DO NOT have any subscription boxes! Influenster is also great for men’s skincare products as well.  You have nothing to lose! 

Have you tried any of these apps? Which ones are you going to download? Comment below! See you next week!