My Incredible Estee Lauder Experience + Mini-Review

As Lil Wayne would say...."Sorry for the wait”, y'all! I’ve been busy trying to round out my last days of work and prep for a move to D.C. Despite the scurry, I have managed to keep my skin moisturized and GLOWING with my Estée Lauder skincare and makeup products (and if you watch my Instagram stories you’ve peeped these #angles and #selfies YAAASS.) I recently teamed up with Estée Lauder at the Dayton Mall to share THE Estée Lauder Experience with a few of my close friends! Here is a behind the scenes look at the event and my honest review of the company and their irresistible products! 

Like what you see? Well there is more where that look can from! Check out the Estée Lauder site and stick around my blog for more reviews on these high quality products. My new blogging goal will be to make it into the Estée Stories section of the website because MAN do I have a story to tell! I was blown away by the Estée Lauder team and I highly recommend their products. Additionally, customer service is a sticking point for me and I was impressed by my GURL Nicole Oliva, Sandi Radlove, and all of the make-up artists assisting my friends. I have nothing but positive feedback and I encourage my Dayton readers to stop by the counter and have your face pampered! 

Have you tried Estée Lauder products in the past? Have products you recommend?  Do you need guidance on WHERE to start when it comes to make-up? Comment below!