Do You HAVE TO Become an Entrepreneur, Sis? Let's Redefine #GirlBoss

No intro, I’m jumping right into it!

I was speaking with my homegirl the other day about entrepreneurship (yes, it came up in casual conversation) and happiness levels with our careers. We were speaking plainly about the recent surge of ads and social media messages conveying EMPOWERED women in business. More specifically, women owning their own businesses and “building from the ground up” to grow into million dollar corporations. 

Disclaimer: Before I speak on “entrepreneurship” understand that I am 100% supportive of those of you who choose to start your own businesses. I’m rooting for you!

BUUUUTT we gotta talk about something that has really bothered me these past few months.

My homegirl and I talked FOREVER about ideal small businesses- opening a salon, starting an online clothing store, making some money off of this ol’ blog (LOL), or developing creative apps. In fact- since FB has been data-mining my life for fourteen years the only ads I see are for yoga apparel and other bloggers/motivational speakers telling me to drop everything I am doing. According to them I should quit my job, and start an online business and “in a few short months” I will have enough money to make it rain on these student loans, keep my wrist so ICCCYY, and travel the globe! After talking about all of the options being thrown at us, we narrowed down the problem; she didn’t know exactly what she wanted to “do” with a business but felt compelled to do SOMETHING, (ANYTHING) to be a business owner. Even though she has a ton of professional experience, she perceived owning a business (no matter how novice) as more valuable. She expressed that she felt like she HAD TO start her own business to be respected BY OTHER WOMEN. That's a lot of pressure. Basically, the feeling is if you aren’t a #SleepWhenIDead #HustleSoldSeperately #SmallBusinessOwner #CEO #GirlBoss then you are TRASH. 

ISN'T THAT WILD?! My mind was blown. 

Ok, ok- it’s not TOO far-fetched! The notion of being able to say “I created a company and now I own a business” is more enticing than actually....ya know....creating a company and running a business. BUUUUT YAALLLL tying your value and worth to the idea that you must be an entrepreneurial #GirlBoss is problematic AF. Yes, I am guilty of a similar way of thinking as the “influencer to millionaire” pipeline idea is pushed SO HARD in the blogging community. So I’m here to clear my mind and yours as well. Let’s redefine #GirlBoss.

DSC_4759 (1).jpg

FIRST OF ALL, you could just say “I’m a BOSS” (because we don’t say Lady Doctor or Girl Teacher but that’s a conversation for another day!) In fact, you should say “I’m a BOSS!” when you wake up in the morning as an affirmation. LOL. You have inherent value and your career is just as valid as any CEO out there. It’s OK to be passionate about your 9-5 job. I know I am! It’s OK to dislike your job as long as you know you are working towards a more suitable alternative. Being a boss means that YOU define success and happiness for yourself and achieve it on your own terms. No LLC required. You don’t wait to be told what to do next because you are already three steps ahead by yourself. You take care of your body, mind, and spirit. You don’t allow negativity to stop your show. You own your actions and thoughts. You are HONEST with yourself about your capabilities....and obviously, you WERK your butt off.

Being a BOSS means that you are actively building a LIFE that you enjoy living. Own that sh**. 

What makes you a BOSS? Comment below so I can hype you up :)

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