Make-up For Girls Who HATE Wearing Make-up

I’m sure there is a makeup artist that is about to CRINGE at this video.....but for the rest of us who need a little razzle-dazzle and not full Kim Kardashian lips with pounds of strategic contouring powder I AM HERE FOR YOU

My post is all about FAST makeup for folks who do not wear makeup! Whether you are running late for an important dinner or need a little sprucing up for a day at the park my quick regiment will get you out the door in NO time with 8 products (most of which you already have)! Here’s what you need:


  1. Mix a dab of primer, moisturizer, and foundation on your palm. APPLY EVENLY. Make sure it’s enough to cover the face but not so much that it’s wasteful... This mixture is what makes up BB cream! (You’ll get the hang of it. )
  2. Wet a sponge and add a few dots of concealer to your challenge areas on your face (blemishes, Chanel bags under the eyes.) Use leftover BB to blend over concealer. GIVE YOUR FACE ABOUT A MINUTE TO “DRY.”
  3. Dust on Foundation powder in small circular motion. It’s better to work on a little at a time versus having a big ol BLOOP of Foundation in one spot.
  4. Take a highlight brush and highlight powder and LIGHTLY highlight your cheekbones, bridge of the nose, and the area of the face between your eyebrows, blending into the forehead.
  5. Take your finger and rub it into your highlight powder. Dab powder into the middle of your eyelid for an eyeshadow alternative.
  6. Wiggle your mascara wand into the base of your lashes (to add thickness and color without eyeliner) and then push your wand to the end of your lashes.
  7. ALL DONE! Now you have a face that attracts and radiants light for a natural glow that’s not overdone. 

I would love to see your quick makeup looks on the ‘Gram! Tag me in your stories and show off your five-minute face! Have you tried a similar look before? Learn something new? Comment below!