D.C Divas Post-Workout Regeneration

HEY DIVAS ooooorrr any other lovely folks who end up creeping around this here blog! Thank you for stopping by! This year i’ve have the honor of helping out the D.C Divas Football team….*dramatic breath* an ELITE group of empowered women playing full-contact tackle football here in the DMV, and its been a blast. In order to help the ladies NAMASTE ‘n SLAY I created this lil’ flow to get them moving and offer some moments of much needed peace. We ALL need to take a second to de-stress.

This gentle yoga regeneration is designed to streeeeeeetch large muscle groups in a short amount of time to cool the body down. Aid your body in safe recovery sis! Reduce the risk of injury by practicing this sequence of poses after a workout or after taking a shower in the evening while the body is still warm to increase flexibility. Share with your teammates and check out the D.C. Divas website for more information about this incredible team. Enjoy!

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