4 Hilarious Reasons Why You Need Adult Play Dates (Featuring The City Vault)

I had the tremendous honor of attending the Adult Field Day Pop-Up Event with The City Vault in Crystal City and I have “NO RAGRETS”. To celebrate all the fun I had (and to showcase my dancin’ skillzzz) here are five reasons why YOU need an adult playdate.

1) Balancing an egg on a spoon while running is a life skill.

You balance work and life. You balance regular debt and student loan debt LOL. You balance social media time and sleep. You balance (and occasionally avoid) family and adulting responsibilities. You need a break. YOU NEED SOME MILK. And after that, you need to balance an egg on a spoon because it’s the only task in this world that you can drop, pick up, and keep moving FOR FUN. The nostalgia is overwhelming.

2) Staying active outside of a gym is good for your soul (and everyone should dance with a T-Rex.)

I meeeeean I dance with death every time I drive into Washington, D.C. (or ride the Silver Line Metro). Odds are dancing with a T-Rex is much safer. I thoroughly enjoy my gym-rat status, but we all occasionally need take a BIG step back from weights and machinery (but not leggings, leggings are permanent wins.) Maybeee, just maybe, playing tag is more fun than doing pull-ups. The Adult Play Date event was packed with games, relay races, delicious food, and bubbles (the GOOD FAT bubbles with the big wand you have to dip in a frisbee, y’all know what I mean!) PRIORITIES!

3) Field Day is better than going to a bar.

Preparing for a night out is emotionally taxing. You gotta get “forreal dressed”, paint 46,788 pounds of makeup on your barn, have a few mental breakdowns about your hair, and even don these sharp heavy contraptions called heels and pray for a night of good balance. DIS TEW MUCH. Unlike your local dive bar, you stand a chance at getting lucky....by having SO MUCH FUN without awkward conversation, spilled drinks, hangovers, or someone stealing your Uber. It’s just you, your messy bun, and your determination to win musical chairs. LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE.

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4) ADULTS need to decompress, too!

(I know right! I made that SAME face!) I know you’ve tried the adult coloring books or maybe you were hustled into buying $150 worth of essential oils. Unfortunately, YOU STILL LOOK PRESSED. Adult play dates can help with that! The City Vault is an event management company that aims to bring the fun to you, rain or shine! The Adult Play Date is their signature pop-up event complete with tug of war, obstacles courses, bouncy houses and much more. My friends and I had an incredible time playin’ outside just like the good ol’ days. If you live in the DMV area and are ready to try something new check out their website, Facebook pages (The City Vault and Adult Play Date), and Instagram (@thecityvault and @adultplaydate)

Did you attend this amazing event? Sad you missed out? Can you still Double Dutch? Comment below!