Almost Valentines Day

Almost Valentines Day

The best kept secret of San Antonio are the hundreds of murals sprinkling the city. I’ve never lived in a city this big or diverse- but the art truly makes it memorable.  They are randomly tucked around every corner downtown and I can’t wait to see them all and share them with you.


Since its not too hot but also not cold enough to wear a full sweater in Texas- half a sweater will do! LOL In my wardrobe burgundy (garnet) is a neutral so I’ll throw it on with everyTHANG. Skinny jeans and boots never go wrong either sooo WHOOP here’s the outfit. I bought these wax jeans about two years ago and I wear them every season. They are perfect for going out and they pair well with heels or boots. While they were an *investment* I am slowly learning that quality over quantity is KEY to keeping my wardrobe versatile and long lasting. Another idea that works for me is to try buying jeans with a longer inseam so that you can cuff them (and they won't be FLOODIN' if you wear heels after washing them a million times!)

Cropped Sweater: Burlington Coat Factory
Wax Jeans: Express
Boots: Rampage
Belt: Urban Outfitters (and it’s my last purchase from them due to all the anti-gay stuff they support. Google it.)

How do you wear your cropped sweaters or wax jeans? Comment below!