To The Woman Who Needs to Be Reminded of Her #BlackGirlMagic

You are a beautiful person, no matter how many times you tell yourself otherwise. Your smile, your spirit, your body, and your mind are beautiful. Every shade of you is perfect because YOU SHINE so brightly. Celebrate yourself. You have enough.  You do enough. Today and everyday YOU are enough.


I know you're tired. You're carrying hundreds of years on your back, but you still wake up and keep going. You have lots of responsibilities but you still manage, even when it feels like Whack-A-Mole. You have people relying on you- and it's scary to think about sometimes, but you boss up and get ish done. You DO work hard. You work very hard. You do what's needed and then some! You work yourself to the physical and mental bone! Even when you're beaten down YOU still have heart, and you use your heart for others. We see you. I see you. Thank you for your work. If no one tells you, then I will. Thank you for the work you put into your life that ultimately makes this world turn.

You are where you need to be right now, but you won't stay there for very long. There is more to you. There is ALWAYS more for you.

I know you're down sometimes, but you've never been out. You've been in crisis before, but you made it through. Sometimes you had to cry.  Sometimes there wasn't anyone to whip away you tears when you made the not-so-cute cry face! You've had to go at life alone. You've had to break away from what everyone else told you do. You've had to create something out of nothing to get where you are- but you did it anyway. Why?! Cuz you are a BadA**! You persevered, as you always do. You can laugh about it now. You're stronger than anyone else knows or believes. You inspire me with your bravery. You are a hairflip away from world domination, and the world can't stand it. 

GURL, YOU have incredible courage and strength. It takes strength to get up and work everyday. It takes strength to lift others up even when you don't always have enough to lift yourself. It takes strength to love those around you. Every relationship you have is WORK, and it takes strength to keep these relationships. It takes strength to be vulnerable and BE LOVED. It takes strength to believe in your ability and then go out into the world to prove yourself.  You do it everyday and that is amazing. That's magical.

There's magic when you speak. There's magic in your words. There's triumph in your ways. There's confidence in your steps because you own every room. There's joy in your presence because you bring YOU to the table. You no longer show up and stay silent. You bring down the house. It's your time. There's love for you. There's hope for you. There's appreciation for you.

There's nobody on this Earth like you. No-Effin-body.

So celebrate yourself. Take pride in who you right now while the rest of us are forced to sit back and watch you slay. Nobody does you like YOU, and they never will. 

Own your magic.

*Disclaimer: Intended to be applicable to ALL women.

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