Cleaning Out Your Closet THE RIGHT WAY + Video

Black Friday is coming. If you can't see the bottom of your closet or a back wall it's time to make a change. Watch my video on HOW to clean out your closet and what to do with your leftover clothes once you've made it SQUEAKY CLEAN.

Ok so this is my closet. I have 50-eleven pairs of shoes, overflowing piles of t-shirts, and hangers bending under the pressure of my ratchet club wear! Those two 25 gallon plastic bens in the back- yes- those are full of clothes too. Loooong sigh.

Step #1- The Purge

Take everything out of your closet. Everything, not most it-ALL OF IT. You need to see all your oceans of crap. Listen- I knew there was a problem when I had three pairs of pants on a hanger. If you have three of ANYTHING on a hanger you have GOT to clean it out girl! Shoes comes out, purses come out, jewelry, scarves, draws, EVERYTHING! I stress getting every item out because if you leave one or two things those little things become a bunch of little things and you want to give each piece of your wardrobe real consideration before you decide to keep it.

Step #2- Consult with your inner "Sorting Hat" then stick to your guns.

You are going to make three piles. A "Yes" pile, a "No",  and a "Maybe" pile. I know you think this is gonna be an easy sorting- but it ain't! We're going to break it AAALLLLL the way down.

You must answer Yes to all of these for a piece to go in the Yes pile:

Have I worn it in the past 6 months?- "Worn" is wearing a piece as part of an outfit. "Worn" is NOT I-try-it-on-all-the-time-but-then-always-wear-something-else. I feel your struggle but you have to leave the house wearing that piece for it to count!

Have I worn it more than once?- Sounds simple enough but we are all guilty of buying an outfit for ONE event. Most Halloween costumes fall into this category. Or worse, you bought something on sale because it was cheap, you didn't try it on, and you thought it would fit- then you got home with you head half-way through THEN realized WHY that shirt was on sale! That's half my closet. I'll admit it. You're not alone! 

Does it actually fit?-  Clothes need to fit and be flattering. If you're like me then you may have some great pieces that you bought a few years ago - but then you lost or gained weight.  Life happens. Now is the time to accept who you are and the fabulous body you have today. Clothes are replaceable but YOU are not! You have to feel great about yourself all the time. Looking great is part of that enjoyment. Why hang on to the past? Let it go! It's just a skirt! ITS NOT THAT DEEP. On the other end of the spectrum you have the "in-house seamstress" who tries to alter, tuck, and cut the sleeves off of everything! Did the YouTube tutorial go awry cutting that tee shirt into a summer tank top? Did the Pinterest photos lead you astray? Throw the shredded band tee away. You've shredded it to oblivion. Etsy is wrong sometimes. It doesn't fit. Get rid of it.

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Is it in good condition?- Good condition means being able to wear it on its own with no other pieces. We all have that shirt that has a hole in the underarm so we jusssssst wear a cardigan and hope no one will notice at the unit meeting.  GIRL I NOTICED. The air conditioning broke, things got real, and off goes the cardigan at 10:30am. Don't be stuck with a hole in your armpit at 10:30am.  Put it in the "No" pile. If you are shaving off the fuzzies it's in the "No" pile. If it has a visible armpit discoloration (story of my life) you must toss it. Save one or two tee shirts to dye your hair in, but if the graphics are falling off then trash it! 

Is it my style today? - I know you loved that body-con dress that cut off your circulation.  You suffered through those ratchet nights at the club tugging down that dress trying to keep you goodies covered. You were young, wild, and free. ME TOO. ITS OK, really. You aren't old because you don't want to wear a bunch of brights all the time or are fond of more structure and less spandex. Nobody is judging your closet right now but you. If you are holding an item after all these yes's and you still don't love it- put it in the Maybe pile. We will get to those pieces! 

Step #3- The No Pile

Gather your No Pile, put the items in a garbage bag, and toss them in the trunk of your car. We will come back to this in Part II. 

Step #4- The Maybe Pile

Now this is the tough part. You may love that dress but it only had one or two Yes's. The reason why many pieces go into this pile aside from the list above are 1) sentimental value or 2) it was a gift. You have to be real about this pile. Are you gonna wear that bridesmaids dress from your friends wedding last year? Probably not, so don't feel bad about putting it in the "No" pile. Prom dress? Nope. Graduation cap and gown? If you have not framed it by now, then its probably not gonna happen. Gifts from family that don't quuuuuite fit your style now (or maybe ever) and gifts from your honey that you simple cannot wear anymore gotta go.  It's tough because you know that person will one day ask "What about that ______ I bought you...?" Tell them you donated it to charity, because that's what's about to happen! Most of your Maybes are No's with feelings attached or items you know you need to replace but didn't. Now is the TIME. Let them go.

Take your Maybe pile, bag it up, and put it in your car. Don't move anything back to the Yes pile out of guilt. Leave it there and do not bring back in the house. Trust the process.

Step #5- Clean up and re-hang!

Enjoy your new abundance of hangers. Throw away the wire ones. You will feel better, I promise.  No more multiple items on that lop-sided hanger. Hang up as much as you can, but remember to fold your sweaters! Organize your closet by tops, bottoms, and dresses. Then color coordinate them from lightest to darkest. Step back and look at that closet! All that hard work does pay off!  

Step #6 - Make your way to Plato's Closet or Goodwill

I know we all don't have a great relationship with Plato's Closet but when it comes to cleaning out that cave of clothes Plato's serves as a quick way to snag some cash. The other benefit is that when you drop off your clothes THAT'S IT! You can leave with cash in hand and no more clothes to take back home. Plato's donates the clothes they don't take to local charities and women's shelters. YES, I am telling you to get rid of your No and Maybe pile. DON'T take back the clothes you just gave away. Spare yourself some heartbreak and REPLACE needed pieces.

Annnnd das it.

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