Don't Hold Back Your Joy In 2017

Call me painfully optimistic but I cannot wait for 2017 to begin! It used to annoy me so much to see the thousands of Facebook posts with the "new year, new me" mantras and reviving those old dusty 2016 goals, but this year I am on that boat! I'm sailing into the ocean, wind in my braids, with 2017 on the horizon! I am eating that ish up like those Thanksgiving leftovers! I AM ABOUT TO GIVE YOU LIFE! 

What changed!? The JOY in my work.  Today on the blog I am celebrating you and I finding happiness in what we do. Lemme backtrack! 

First we spend so much time mapping our goals and dream-chasing but forget why we started. Next we get frustrated when things go left, or X person doesn't support our idea. Then we get angry or relentlessly pursue our goals so much that we milk all of the fun out of the process. Before you know it BOOM- it's year 2025 and we're eating saltine crackers alone on the couch wondering where life went! We CANNOT afford to do this! There's more to life that this BS.

Joy is the emotion I want to experience in everything I do for myself and others in 2017. The trendy Instagram quote I saw that inspired this post said "Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work." Find something you love doing and allow yourself room to enjoy it! Highlight the small wins in your day to day life to give yourself that extra nugget of happiness we too often leave behind. Make it a habit in 2017 to look for the good in all things and with optimism (and a little bit of WERK) things will fall into place. 

Outfit: Parka, Sweater dress, and Suede Boots from H&M (and they have a huge sale going on!) Purse from Brahmin - best Xmas gift ever, My wife is amazing! Similar here.

And speaking of my wife- She just had major surgery on both knees so she's supposed to be on bedrest full time (but doing FABULOUS according to the Doctors). When I came home from work she was doing overhead presses with kettle bells in bed, having a whole workout session. UNBOTHERED. If THAT doesn't inspire and motivate you for 2017 I don't know what will. 

My joys will be watching my hunny recover #likeaboss, finishing and publishing my book, and celebrating my one year blog anniversary.

What joy are you taking into 2017? Comment below! Share this post and subscribe below too :)