The Elite Crossfit 'Cult' & Changing Lives Daily

I've heard some crazy comments about CrossFit.  Comments such as:  "People who do CrossFit are fitness brainwashed",  "It's a CULT!", "just another expensive group exercise", “Gym full of Meatheads", "Everybody always gets hurt", or my absolute favorite-

"Alisha, only men do CrossFit. . .

SMH. Face palm. 

I'm here to tell you to all about my journey with Elite CrossFit, how it changed my life. 

 My hunny Tarah started Crossfit an entire year before I did. As the resident hater I always had my two cents about her going to gym a million times a week (4 times a week to me was TEW much). She spent hours telling me all about her new personal records using all of her Crossfit acronyms I didnt know at the time. But then…. I started noticing some of her gains here and there (I'll keep it G rated) and after a YEAR worth of convincing earfuls about Crossfit I said "OK I'll go." 

 YALL. Believe the hype and drink the Kool-aid.

 Before I started at Elite I wholeheartedly believed that I was in shape. LIE DETECTOR TEST DETERMINED THAT WAS A LIE!  Being skinny, flexible, and doing cardio is not fitness. I was not fit. Not Crossfit "fit." This is not a "throw-on-some-bronzer-and-glisten-after-a-light-jog-on-the-treadmill-then-take-sideways-gym-selfies" type of workout. It's all fun and games until you die a true Crossfit death....panting in a pool of your own sweat lying on your back on the box floor. Your hair is effed up. Your eyebrows are effed up. Your muscles are pushed to failure and feel like soup. There were (and still are) days when I can't tell if I'm sweating or crying real thug tears as I walk to my car like a wobbly baby giraffe. THAT is Crossfit....And I love it. Let me tell you why!

My first month at Elite Crossfit North I was taught every fundamental Crossfit movement (Hey Jared, you're still awesome).  I learned how to properly perform Olympic lifts, rope climbs, pull-up variations, jump roping (which was much more painful and complicated than I ever imagined with those damn double-unders) and HOW to take care of my muscles with foam rolling, stretching and recovery. Never in my life did I believe I would ever do any sort of weightlifting. EVER. Or pull-ups. Or actually any of this! By the end of the month I felt a new type of body confidence I had not experienced before. The #FOMO was overwhelming. I decided that I loved Crossfit and my Betty Spaghetti lookin' ass would be there every week. Thanks Tarah. You were right. 

Crossfit works for me because it's the perfect balance between community motivation and trackable personal success. The interpersonal changes that happen as you develop as an athlete are profound. Every workout is challenging because YOU are constantly looking for YOUR personal best and this can change from week-to-week. Unless you are already a personal trainer well-versed in exercise programming Crossfit is the Holy Grail trail mix of weightlifting, cardio, and gymnastics. If you want to be sexy and toned, you will be! If you want to get JACKED out of your mind you can do that too! If you want to compete in weightlifting or go to the infamous Reebok Crossfit Games the gang is all here. You can tell any coach at Elite one of your fitness goals and they WILL get you there.  No question. It's truly up to you to put in the work. Somewhere in the box it says: "The only thing stopping you from reaching your goals is the bullshit story you tell yourself as to why you can't achieve it."

My favorite part about Crossfit is the community. This is diverse bunch (yes, including lots of women) of all shapes, ages, and sizes. While you are working out independently you are always with a group of supportive people just like you tryna get their swole on! Some people believe that  "its better to go to the gym alone, I get in my zone with headphones...blah blah blah." Yeah....Eff that. Boxes have ratchet music too and humans are communal creators. You can mentally whip and flip bricks in the kitchen riiiight here. You're not going to go to LA Fitness or Planet Fitness and have your own cheering section like you will at a Crossfit box. Period.

Whether your WOD takes five minutes or fifty minutes to finish (because you have to finish, nobody will let you quit) every class will encourage you, clap for you, yell at you (Jeremy will tell you to add 5lbs to whatever you're doing and stop being a wiener),  Becca will dance with you , high-five you-whatever! The people in your classes and the coaches at Elite Crossfit genuinely CARE. They want to help you succeed. They will stop you before you hurt yourself- so myth busted- I've never been seriously injured doing Crossfit. They will run through movements and modify for you if you're injured.

Even if you tore your ACL and hung out with your fat Pokemon-shaped knee for 11 weeks or broke your hand outside of Crossfit (TARAH) - they will still have you in there doing one arm snatches and squats. They play no games. They bring something primitive out that pushes you into the best you there is! More importantly - They ask about you when you're not there. They message you on Facebook and tell you to bring you arse to the gym. You cannot get that anywhere else.

 I am not the strongest nor the fastest Crossfitter at Elite. I still get destroyed. Sometimes I throw the fourteen pound wall ball up but can't grab it because my arms are tired from doing 454,2256 pull-ups and so I catch a wall ball to the face.  Lol, I should have the "World's Most OK Crossfitter" t-shirt. However, without a doubt, I am currently in the best shape of my entire life and it feels amazing. I'm up twenty pounds from when I started one year and six months ago and it's actually Forreal muscle. My doctor was pleasantly surprised when he told me I was overweight in the good way. I actually have four visible abs and two possibles! LOLOLOL. Lemme stop!

Tarah and I wanted to thank the Elite Crossfit North community and outstanding coaches for making our time here in Texas irreplaceable. We both agreed that what we will miss most about San Antonio is you. #RideorDieRedland

 So try Crossfit. Do your own research. Believe the hype and try it for yourself. If you are in San Antonio check out Elite Crossfit and tell them you heard about it here! Check them out on Facebook here and Instagram here.

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