Escaping My Couch & Being Less Lazy On a Saturday

By active rest I mean do some stretching at the park.....then find a reason (any reason) to go to Dorothy Lane Market and try ALL the samples.  Just keepin' it real. Sometimes I have to remind my internet friends that I am a real person who loves fitness but also loves food samples. So here's my normal Saturday routine if I don't get sucked in by the harsh pull of my couch. We all know The Pull is too strong! 

Active rest days are days in-between your normal workout where you perform some sort of exercise that's not too strenuous on your body in order to speed up your muscle recovery. Stretching is how I ensure less injuries and stay out of trouble! Since Saturday is my active rest day I filled it with a stroll in the park with my hunny, tension band exercises, and yoga stretches. Easy Peasy.  I NEEDED this because Keith over at Dayton Strength & Conditioning kicked my butt at his GRIT class Friday night. *withers away in pain*

On days like these I opt for an outfit that allows me to move, keeps me comfy, and is cute enough to wear out and about. This outfit is from the wonderful folks at My LegWear Shop and the pants and jacket are from their Slymwear line. 

HOLD UP! Wayment! Wayment! 

SHAMELESS PLUG: I have to have clothes that are Uber soft to the touch, solid fit, and excellent quality.  I hate seeing leggings that are super-thin (and basically see-through when you bend over, YIKES!) The My Legwear Shop Slymwear line, especially the leggings, are thick enough to withstand the cold and keep your goodies covered everywhere when you move.  Check out the website here. Get into this athleisure game if you haven't already. 

Anyways once Tarah was done laughing at me stretching in the park we headed to Dorothy Lane Market a.k.a my new favorite store! Between the freshly candied apples, free samples, and wine tasting I would say Saturday was a win for us. The only thing left to do now is carve a pumpkin and run as fast as I can through a haunted house. We are always on the lookout to try new things and see new places. We are always open for suggestions guys!

How do you enjoy your Saturday? Do you have an active rest day? Hit me up and comment below. Stretch, laugh, and SUBSCRIBE below.

Outfit: My Legwear Shop

Shoes: Nike Metcon 2

Hair: #bundles by Renown Hair Dayton Here

Photo Credit: My hunny Tarah, thank you!


See you next week with an outfit post! K BYEE!