Howdy howdy! Alisha here with a review and outfit video of my favorite beauty products and how I prepare for my sexy a** date! Woot! First things first- I like to keep my makeup looking as natural as possible so I do NOT use liquid eyeliner or false lashes. Everything else I throw on my barn is fair game though! Come watch and get ready with me!

Below are the products I use to keep it glam despite the rest of my #strugglebus life. "*" Means that I received item complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes or "**" for Stylehaul. MOST of the links are to AMAZON (YAH PRIME TIME!)


  • Neutrogena All Natural Cleanser- (not filmed, but important) I have a TON of mud masks but for everyday maintenance Neutrogena get it done! My face feels squeaky clean and is perfect for me when I am washing up after the gym. Link HERE.
  • SkinCeuticals Hyaluronic Acid Intensifier*- Botanical extracts and high concentration of hyaluronic acid to JUMPSTART your cell production and purify.  It tingles once applied and leaves you with a healthy, glowy finish after you complete your makeup. Movie Star GLOW UP. Link HERE.
  • SkinCeuticals Triple Lipid Restore 2:4:2*- I'm old enough to start taking preventative measures SO this is concentrated anti-aging cream that improves the appearance of the skins smooooOOthness. Link HERE
  • Witch Hazel- Witch Hazel is a magical (and cheaper) alternative product. Use for face toning after cleansing, soften hair when braided, bath and soak in it, you can clean your razors with it....this list goes on. Link HERE


  • Dr.Brandt No More Baggage De-Puffing Eye Gel*- I forgot to use it in the video but if you have puffy bags under your eyes (like most normal, non-alien women) then this is for you! When I apply it I can feel my sinuses clearing. The application is a bit tacky, so put it on before you do your makeup. Link HERE
  • Mikasa Lemon Sponge- Concealer application is so much easier thanks to this sponge! I am able to wet it and apply concealer faster without getting my fingers covered in product. Similiar Link HERE
  • Vanity Planet Make-Up Brush Set and Travel Case**- Nothing says hipster glam more than wooden make-up brushes. The set comes with 15 synthetic brushes and a rolling case to store the goods! Link HERE - and use promo code PALETTEPRIZE for 50% off at checkout. Link HERE
  • My FANGERS - my mom gave me life and fingers. Consider using your fingers for eye makeup application to reduce pulling (or if you are in a rush and don't have time for 50-11 brushes) Link...ed TO THE REST OF YOUR ARM, HAHAHA.


  • Dermablend Flawless Creator Multi-use Liquid Pigments (foundation)*- In the past several months there has been an explosion of new foundation colors catered towards darker skin. While there are popular brands with hype (we all know who), Dermablend has been climbing the ranks in skincare and dermatology. Y’all. YALL. This foundation is The TRUTH. I wet my foundation brush and paint this barn like a PRO. OMG. It’s really lightweight and much like other mineral brands it won’t clog pores or cause breakouts which is the ONLY thing I look for when it comes to to coverage. Link HERE
  • Mary Kay Lash Love Waterproof Mascara- I'll be talking about this mascara on my deathbed. Lash Love is perfect for gym rats and yogis who need mascara to stay in PLACE. In this video I used it fill my eyebrows but that's only because I was running out and need to order eighteen more. Link HERE
  • Almay One-Coat Triple Effect Mascara- a tough contender for the top spot when it comes to non-waterproof mascara. The double-head brush has some SERIOUS bristles and you'll be combing naps out your eyelashes with perfection. I would NOT recommend sleeping with this on...or any make-up on...but its hard out here in these streets sometimes. Link HERE
  • NYX HD Concealer- I'm not scared to say that I shop on the 'cheap' side of Ulta. Some of my BEST make-up is budget friendly. I like the applicator brush for this product and I use this ish EVERY DAY. Link HERE
  • Bare Minerals Loose Foundation Powder- SWIRL TAP BUFF. Nothing has changed! The loose powder compliments the Dermablend foundation better than I anticipated. If you DON'T like wearing make-up then these two products are fantastic because they are so light and "all-natural." I'll do a video later for folks who don't wear makeup but want to learn like 4-5 step basics. Link HERE
  • Laura Mercier Lightstruck Highlight Palette- I used this prismatic highlighting blush for EVERYTHING when I am in a rush and have to use my fingers! Link HERE
  • Burberry Primer, Highlighting Powder and Highlighter Pen*- When I am going for a 'No Make-up Make-up' look this Burberry trio is clutch. I've posted about them in a previous blog, but now I get to demonstrate the magic. The highlighter and pen are worth the money and will be a repeat purchase. Link for PEN
  • Wet N Wild Eye Pencil- Not the wooden pencil, the plastic retractable with the pencil on one end and a smudger on the other.  I ride or die with these pencils..... since my high school emo days. Link HERE


#Issa wig and I have already filmed a review for it, just need to edit and post! It is the Kinky Straight Lace Front Unit from


  • Creme Sweater- Pacsun at some obscure sales rack, but similar Here
  • Valentino Dupe Shoes- Pretty good quality, an amazing X-mas gift, thank you hunny! Link HERE
  • Black Wax Jeans- Pacsun, similar HERE
  • Purse from Brahmin at
  • Camel Trench from Fashion Drug, but similar HERE

Thank you guys so much for watching and reading! Have you tried anything of these products? Do you apply make up wet? Comment below! See you soon!