How To Look Expensive AF Without Breaking The Bank

Hello beautiful people! Thank you so much for visiting my little blog! I’ve created this comprehensive video (LOL) for ladies and gents to help you elevate your look and present as your POLISHED self. Pardon my profanity :)

Body Tips:

Keep your nails as clean as possible- Nasty nails are a plague on the world! Don’t take any shame in getting a manicure or pedicure. I know my toes go from zero to gargoyle if I don’t keep an eye on them! The same rules apply to the ladies with acrylic nails! Do not leave the house with food and mystery crud under your nails.

Smell amazing and match it with your aesthetic- When you look good, you feel good. When you feel good you SHOULD also smell good. BE that person who leaves a sexy lingering scent. Invest in a fancy perfume or cologne and make it your ‘signature’ scent. It’s 2018.  Step that game up! Spray it in the hot spots (behind the ears, base of the neck, wrists, elbow creases, knee creases, inner ankle) so the smell travels up as it should. 

Whiten Your Teeth- Crooked smile or not, whiten your chompers! Cleanliness reminds the world that you take good care of yourself. I recommend using an activated charcoal whitening system over all others as they will not leave your teeth sensitive afterwards. For a full review check out my Carbon Coco review on my YT channel.


Clothing Tips:

Wear clothes that fit well- If it does fit well you shouldn’t wear it. Get your clothes tailored. I know it seems like an annoying extra step, but its even more annoying to have clothing in your closet that you see but  cant wear everyday. ANNNDD Just because you can squeeze it on doesn’t mean it fits well! Pants should lay FLLLAATT across the torso without extra fabric, and shirt seams should run parallel to the middle of your shoulder and run fitted under the armpit without restricting movement. You also shouldn’t NEED other clothing items to make another item fit.

Stick to neutrals- Black, White, Grey, Olive, Khaki, Blush.  Keep your looks solid colors and stay away from busy prints and patterns. The exception to this rule are shirts and dresses with medium sized CLEAN vertical lines. Step you wardrobe up with a plethora of white shirts with visual interest. Color, Pattern, Texture, and SHINE just like Stacy London taught us all!

Structure is Timeless- Buy clothing with lots of structural integrity- especially when it comes to pants and trousers.

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Shoe Tips:

Invest in Two-Strap Heels (or sandals)- They are the new classic black pump. You can throw them on with any outfit and dress them up or down with no fuss. Find a block heel with a comfortable strap take over the world.


Accessory Tips:

Staple jewelry lowdown- If Michael Kors BASIC jewelry is out of your price point look no further than Amazon for stainless steel bangles. Ive linked some here and following the reviews EVERYWHERE stainless steel bangles are a great addition to anyone’s wardrobe. Think Cartier Love bangle simplicity at a reasonable price. If you distrust the internet then don’t overlook the jewelry counter at TJ Maxx. They have beautiful displays with jewelry that will LAASST for more than three sweaty days out.

What other tips do you need boo? What else would you like to see me explain? I am working on creating an online course for day to day styling that would be much more in-depth than this video, but I want to give ya EXACTLY what you want. Soooooo, here’s my question-


When it comes to beauty or fashion what do YOU struggle with most?


Is it putting together outfits? Figuring out how to shop for the right pieces? Creating your own style? Work wardrobe? Capsule wardrobe? Please comment below so can tailor my course to you and make as useful as possible! Thank you for reading and watching!