How Sexy Leggings Make You a Better Weightlifter

If you would have told me this time last year that I would be competing in a weightlifting meet I would say you're lying. My actually response would be "GIRL BYE!" My my! How times have changed!

By the time you finish reading this I will be weighing in to compete in my first meet. Chiiiilllee, I'm scuuured tho (but don't tell!) Wish me luck! ......*deep sigh* Ok, lemme backtrack! I WAS SO ANTI-WEIGHTLIFTING circa 2016. I was the cardio QUEEN!  My wife would show up to our Olympic lifting class with her excellent form and (aside from just being a hater,  because I get jealous sometimes, too) I pushed the idea as far away as possible.  Her attempts to be persuasive were met with a firm "NAH!"

I'm pretty open-minded and willing trying just about anything. Usually my plan is to show up with a cute outfit (like this one, #ad) and hope that things fall into place. The "Look Good, Feel Good" strategy has helped, but there is a bit more to weightlifting, obviouslyI flat-out refused to even seriously consider lifting because I knew I could never be "good enough" - whatever that means.  In those moments it meant being embarrassed by my little chicken wing arms and novice mentality.  It meant looking around the gym for months and saying to myself "Gosh, I will never be able to do that." I still do now, TBH

Failure is part of learning a new skill, and weightlifting forces me to fail- over and over and over and over again. BUT THEN ONE DAY- I got one lift right. Then I got another one right. Then another, then another,...then I failed like forty eight times after that, and eventually I settled into my role as the "World's Most Okay Lifter." Juuust like the Pinterest fitness tank top. That's all me.

The lesson I learned these past two months is that self-talk is half of your success. This point isn't profound but it took an enormous number of failed attempts to come to this conclusion- even in the weightlifting world (no matter how inconceivable and accurate it looks on the outside.) I encourage any women who has an interest in weightlifting to come on over to dark side. #GirlPower #StrongisSexy

Adidas EQV Support ADV here , Jacket from Gap, Tee from H&M.

Adidas EQV Support ADV here, Jacket from Gap, Tee from H&M.

Now, about this neutral look I threw together! The real star of the outfit are these insanely comfortable leggings. My Legwear Shop is at it again with an incredible line up of sexy leggings, jeggings, and accessories! Take a peek at the website if you're ready to wear leggings year-round ( check them out here. ) Use discount code THANKYOU10 for 10% off your purchase. You're welcome :) Now... if only I could self-talk my way to shapely bottom for #bootygainz #Summer2k17 LOL

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