How I Broke My Anti-Headwrap Habit (And the Quickest Way to Wrap One)

It's Fall AF outside!!! I know Fall starts next week but it is COLD to me here in Ohio! I got inspired by the new tv show Atlanta- which I hope everyone is watching (because it's so culturally accurate and Childish Gambino is doing an amazing job with acting) so I am bringing you some inner city headwrap REALNESS. #SlayRide

You know.... I used to be VERY anti about wearing head wraps of any kind in public.  Call me SADDITY but (for me) it is a firm rule to never leave house in du-rags, bonnets, satin wraps or ANYTHING that I need to preserve my 'do for sleeping. I know I'm lowkey conservative but I have rapidly grown to love this head-wrap from CeeCee's Closet. My rule will still hold true for my late night bonnet and flexi-rod duo, but for this line of stunning African print head-wraps (cue old church lady voice) I KNO' I BEEN CHANGED! For this quick and easy wrap style 1) fold the wrap width-wise so the back of your head is covered, 2) Fold the wrap length-wise around you head and gather as if you were making a ponytail in the front, then 3) roll it into a bun and tuck the ends. BOOM! The wrap has a waxy finish so the ends stay tucked with no assistance.

As for my wardrobe stables for Fall 2k16 I will be purchasing or adding the following:

  • Headwraps (and using some scarves too since I have bagillion)
  • Motorcycle Jacket
  • Bomber Jacket (so I have an excuse to buy some Huarache's)
  • Over the Knee Boots in a Neutral Color (I don't need a reason!)
  • Booties (so I can roll all my jeans and chino's like a hipster)
  • Waterfall Trench (black and camel because...just because)

The Moto Jacket + Skinny Jeans combo is always a win, and I snagged a sweater from H&M to get my mustard + melanin POPPIN! This week I am urging you to try something new with your wardrobe or style. Break a rule. Maybe even add a head-wrap to accessorize your Woke-ness (because that's trending too, LOL.) Check out CeeCee's Closet Here to see more wraps like this one :) 

Sweater: H&M

Headwrap: CeeCee's Closet

Skinny Jeans: H&M


Moto Jacket: Decree 

Booties: Walmart (DON'T judge me!)