How To Find Friends in a Whole New World

Hey girl hey from Dayton, Ohio! True Story- I made it here, and got a job in less than 2 weeks à CLUTCH, right!?!?!?!? That’s record time for me. Thank the Lordt! My shopping habits, Crossfit classes, and need for these good ol’ virgin hair bundles are TOO REAL so I NEED a job all day everyday.

ANYways…I feel like every time we move its an opportunity to grow and change.  I am as optimistic as I can be as a military spouse but times get haaaaarrd y’all. Usually when someone relocates they have family or friends in the same area to absorb the shock of a new place, but with us…, not so much.  I love all the new sites and sounds but BRUH I have to actively go out and MAKE friends. I get STKRESSED. Its one thing to be social- but its a whole other ball game getting to know a whole new group of people in a whole new place. So since I am all about making lists here is my list of ways to find friends- wherever you are!

1)   Get REALLY social. I don’t mean just chatting. Before you move check out all the social media you can find. Research the bars, the restaurants, hot spots, and the side of town everyone tells you not to visit. Scroll through (and follow) Facebook pages and the local magazines. GURL I live and die by #hashtag searches too so creep on Instagram and work your way through. FB has a “most popular events in your area” search feature and I use it for everything. Every city has a character and pulse.


2)   Get to know your Uber driver. Uber drivers are little golden nuggets of information.  Mr. Richard-In-A-Blue-Nissan-Altima-Arriving-In-Seven-Minutes knows where the people are!  Don’t waste time with small talk about the weather! Get the lowdown and WRITE A NOTE IN YOUR PHONE- why a note, you ask? Because when you’re done for the evening all the places Mr. Richard-In-A-Blue-Nissan-Altima-Arriving-In-Seven-Minutes told you about will be forgotten. And I don’t need you sitting at home by yourself on a Saturday night looking at your toe jam because you don’t have any friends and you don’t know where to go.

3)   Don’t take phone numbers- take followers! When you meet people while your out its so much easier to follow them on IG or Twitter than try to exchange numbers.  Because what really happens is someone gives me their number, they only save a first name, I forget their name and lose their number FOREVER. Or worse…they don’t have an Iphone and don’t even save their number. Just open your Insta and tell them to find themselves and follow.  The next day look at who you followed so now you have a way to reach them without having their number (for ppl who are sensitive about giving out numbers) and you have a picture to reference. BOOM!

Onto the outfit! So I threw this together for an almost Autumn look. I mixed this incredibly soft cream colored tee with ripped jeans and olive jacket for just enough coverage for this breezy Ohio weather. I snagged some lace up heels too to match with my favorite KODA NIVOLI purse.  Click here to read all about them and use my promo code VIBES15 for a 15% discount on your purchase.

Shirt-TJ Maxx



Heels- Payless (surprise!)


Accessories-Michael Kors

See you next week!