3 Simple Rules For Flawlessly Mixing Prints

When it comes to mixing prints the options are black and white (haha, you see what I did there!?!?) Let's dust off our trusty Fashion Bible and turn to The Book of Prints, Chapter 2, Verse 8.....

GURL BYE! The rules are:

1) Don't listen to anybody who tells you what to wear. 

2) Fashion blogs are for inspiration only. Girls are out here selling you dreams! Don't believe the hype. (You can still read my blog though, k? THANKS!)

3) Nothing has to match, it just has to "go". Outfits you wear only have to make sense to YOU. Did someone offer you a few shiny coins to buy an outfit to please them? OH!? Thats a no!

I think this outfit "goes" so here are my pictures. The last time I wore this outfit I was stumbling around Austin City Limits Music Festival #ACL, and even back then it still went! This week I spent time really reflecting on what exactly my style is- and I couldn't even narrow it down to a label. SO hope that you don't waste you time like I did trying to "pick" a style.  Just wear whatever you want and don't let anyone tell you what style you should have or what clothes you should wear. I used to be so insecure about my body (no, for real- don't make that face)  and it took me a long time to even get to this point- whatever point this is- and feel confident about my clothes. Its really not about the clothes but feeling comfortable in your own skin. I would wear  3 shirts on the hottest day and hide under the biggest items I could find. I hated so many things about myself and I never wanted anybody to notice I even existed.  I wanted to disappear sometimes. We all have low points. Since then THANK THE LAWD I have turned things around!  You have to be dedicated to loving yourself, and accepting all of who and what you are. Its about being empowered to do things that you enjoy and foster that grace and self-love in others. Dress for you, appreciate yourself, and the confidence will come.

I paired this striped shirt with these patterned shorts and they are the best (and longest :/) shorts I have at the moment. Since last year I've had some serious #bootygainz so shoutout to my Crossfit gym LOLOLOL. NOTHING fits anymore and thankfully I have some companies to tell you about who are helping me out to replace them (*hint, hint*!) To add some accessories I threw on some rings to be a hipster for a day. Add boots....... and I'm out! Details below with questions for you!

Shorts: Urban Outfitters

Shirt and Rings: Mi Casa aka Charlotte Russe

Boots: Burlington Coat Factory 

What insecurities have you overcome? How do you define your style? Comment below ;)