How To Shop Versatile Pieces For Your Wardrobe

Before I even start my post this week I just have to give my wife a HUGE shoutout. I have been INSANE this week preparing for my Social Work State Boards Exam and she has had the (mis)fortunate opportunity of dealing with my crazy antics and crying spells! But I PASSED! I am officially a LICENSED SOCIAL WORKER. I finally have some letters to put behind my name! LOOK AT GAWD! 

Anyways- today I am talking all about versatility. I was gifted this skirt by Spectrum Honey & Lace and it was the perfect item to showcase what to look for when purchasing versatile pieces. Now when I say "versatile" I don't mean buy a ball gown and try to wear it to work. I mean finding wardrobe staples that require MINIMAL adjustments, if any, and making sure that they have a place alongside your other timeless favs in your closet. 

Pencil skirts (almost) ALWAYS are a safe bet! Pencil skirts can go from office to happy hour with little to no additional styling. AND lowkey the better they fit the better the buns look, ok?!? Who doesn't want to look SNATCHED 24/7?! The only pencil skirt you can't wear to work is BODY-CON. BODY-CON IS FOR THE CLUB ONLY (unless you're a Kardashian or an Atlanta Housewife) but I digress....


  • Fit- Not too loose, but not too tight. You need to be able to walk....and walk comfortably.
  • Color- I know the colors on this skirt are CRAZY but you can go with neutrals. I enjoy this print  because I have so many black tops and shoes!
  • Shoe compatibility- Does it go with flats? Does it go with heels? Does it go with sandals? It needs to go with all of them!!


  • Independence: Can this top stand alone, fit properly, and be cute with no help?
  • Remixing: Is it tuck and belt friendly? Can I wear it with shorts? 
  • Occasion: modest enough for dinner? Sassy enough for a girls night out?


  • Completer pieces: what layers can I add on or over the dress? Military jacket? Cardigan? Scarf? Belt?
  • Accessories: can the dress handle more than 1 accessory?  I know this is a funky one but I have some pieces that are so over the top that all you can add with them is shoes! No statement jewelry, no purse, no NOTHING!! Look for items that you can dress up or down and add your signature style.

And speaking of signature style....!

For more clothing like this visit my girls at Spectrum Honey & Lace! ASIDE from the fact that Jessica and Suzie are groundbreaking Zeta Sigma Chi SororZ of mine- I love their company because of their commitment to diversity and inclusion. The CEO of Honey & Lace even handpicks patterns and prints just like a boutique so you have to snag clothing items while they last otherwise you may miss out! They also are affordably priced and carry a large SPECTRUM of sizes for every woman's body (HA! you see what I did there?!). So show them some love on Facebook here and Instagram here. You'll see all the empowering dialogue that's happening (especially on the FB page) and get to know REAL business owners who encourage everyone to build their own unique style.

See you guys soon with a video review on my new do' and the virgin hair bundles that go along with it! 


Crop top: Charlotte Russe

Sleevless blouse: H & M

Skirt: Spectrum Honey & Lace

Mules: Rue 21

Tie-up Heels: Payless