I Tried Rodan + Fields And...

Hey guys! Alisha here with a quick review of some skincare products! I was given a nibble of Rodan & Fields and now I am HOOKED! My three-day trial was splendid, Y'all!  Rodan & Fields was founded by the same tenacious dermatologists who created ProActive, so initially, I wasn’t too worried. The inspiring story of how their company blossomed into a million dollar enterprise can be found HERE! After a few days of use, I can see results, especially under the eyes! Watch the video here!

Here are the products I used (in the order I used them) and recommendations:

REDEFINE Daily Cleansing Mask- As a serial mud masker, I am fully aware of the benefits of a quality product. By that, I mean (ahem) which mud masks are a waste of time, and which ones will suck every impurity out of your face like a liquid blackhead face vacuum! The cleansing mask is a hybrid of cleanser and clay based mask that you allow to dry on your face for 2 minutes a day. On the first use, my skin REJOICED. My oily nose did not show up for the rest of the day, and the skin on my forehead was thoroughly cleared of all of the oils, butters, and sunburn caused by my insanely sweaty head and hair. It simply too hot to not have this product for summer. TRUST.

REDEFINE Lip Renewing Serum- Very few skincare lines come with adequate products for lips. Be not afraid, R & F has your back on this one. Great lipstick starts on clean lips and this serum is packed with peptides, vitamins, and sprinkles of science to get wrinkly dry lips out the door! I assumed I would run out of the sample because my lips aren’t the smallest- but I was mistaken. The serum left my lips smooth like butter. Just don’t lick your lips! Science does not taste like strawberry mint.

REDEFINE Intensive Renewing Serum-  The striking quality I liked about the serum was the consistency. (I’m weird about textures, yall. Just a heads up.)  It spreads like an oil-based product, but with a dry silicone finish. The results for me was more full, youthful looking skin that appeared significantly more elastic than most days. 

Active Hydration Bright Eye Complex- *praise hands emoji* Under eye circles are forever my struggle. Even my baby pictures prove it- I WAS BORN TIRED- and my eyes tell the story! So the Bright Eye Complex is liquid gold. I try not to pull on the skin under my eyes and as a result, I often don’t moisturize enough! This complex is perfect for me and other folks like me who are perfectly healthy, 8-hour sleepers who STILL can't get rid of the Chanel bags under the eyes! The puffiness was calmed, the skin was slightly lightened and ultra-soft to the touch.  My FAVorite of all the products I’ve tried so far.

Active Hydration Serum- When I used this serum to wrap up my skin care regimen I was surprised by how quickly it worked as well as the finish. My face feels just the same as it would several hours after getting a facial at a spa. Not even exaggerating. That super-hydrated-almost-heavy-feeling, ya know?!? I enjoyed the results but would stick with using the serum at night so my skin can take it all in!

Overall, the R & F lines boast “visible results” and did not disappoint. If you are interested in trying some of these products check out Rodan & Fields here! Also, if you are interested in entrepreneurship and are ready to take charge of your own business consider them, and hit up my beautiful gym pal Layton Griffin (tagged in my Facebook post, for Preferred customer codes.) I will be making more purchases of my own, so it looks like the products will sell themselves, ladies!

What other products are you trying on your face? What has worked and what hasn’t? Comment below!